The course introduces the modeling techniques, theory and computation of linear and integer programming, fundamentals of graph theory. Continuous Linear Programming Graphical solution Polyhedrons and basic solutions Definitions and fundamental theorems The simplex method and the Tableau implementation The two phases method Duality Dual problem Strong and weak duality theorems Primal-dual relations and complementary slackness Sensitivity analysis Revised simplex algorithm Column generation. Graph theory Definitions and basic properties The min cost spanning tree: Kruskal and Prim algorithms Shortest paths: Dijkstra and Floyd Warshall algrithms Max flow: Ford Fulkerson algorithm Min cost flow: negative cycle cancelling algorithm. Lecture's notes R. Baldacci, M. Additional notes General overview The excel solver Introduction to complexity theory Project Management Examples of simple mathematical models.

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RE - Information Science Inform. Politecnico di Milano- Engineering Eng. MO Acad. RE Acad. Pr of essional activityMain fields of interestCombinatorial Optimization, Mathematical Programming, Design and Analysis of Algorithms,Heuristics, Logistics, Production, TelecommunicationAwards co-winner of the AIRO prize for young researchers for the paper: una nuovaprocedura di assegnamento per il Vehicle Scheduling Problem AIRO prize for young researchers for the paper: shop problems with two machinesand time lags.

He edited, with F. Maffioli and S. Heisauthor, withR. The combination of technology and electomobilityaims to increase awareness andstandardize theuse of electrical mode. ASSET will generate, processand provide important road safety information from essential system components. Improving driver support, awareness and behaviour is a key issue. Funding: MURSTPeriod: Description: Design and development of model amnd algorithms for optical telecommunicationnetworksTitle: Metodi e modelli di ottimizzazione per il progetto e la gestione di reti di telecomunicazioneFunding: MURSTPeriod: Description: Development of optimization algorithms for telecommunication networks design.

PublicationsInternational journals1. Falavigna, M. Iori submitted. Hasle, M. Alba, F. Clautiaux, M. Alba, J. Cordeau, M. Iori to appear. Operations Research, 60, DellAmico, M. Iori, A. Khanafer Iori and S. Martello and M. Monaci A note on exactand heuristic algorithms for the identical parallel machine scheduling problem, Journal of Heuristics, 18, Iori Baldacci, M.

Iori, R. Montanari The single-finger keyboardlayout problem. Iori, D. Pretolani Operations Research Letters, 36, — Iori, M. Monaci, S. Martello Salazar, Monaci, C. Vigo Transportation Sciences, 41, European Journal of Operational Research,, Righini, M.

Salani Aringhieri, M. Journal of Heuristics, 11, DellAmico, S. European Journal of Operational Research, , Iori, S. Maffioli, M. Merani Maffioli, F. Malucelli Discrete Applied Mathematics, , Martello, D.

Discrete Applied Mathematics, Finta Journal of Algorithms 44, Martello, Discrete Applied Mathematics , Journal of Scheduling 4, Toth, Maffioli, Journal of Combinatorial Optimization, 4, Reduction of the Three-Partition Problem. Journal of Combinatorial Optimization 3, 17— Lodi, F. Journal of Heuristics 5. Operations Research Letters 25, — Trubian Maffioli, A.

Sciomachen Maffioli Discrete Applied Mathematics 65, — Networks 27, — Shop Problems with two Machines and Time-Lags. OperationsResearch 44, — The K-Cardinality Assignment Problem. DiscreteApplied Mathematics 76, — Discrete Applied Mathematics 63, 25— Carpaneto, M.

Toth International Transactions on Operational Research2, — Annals of Operations Research 41, — Fischetti, P. Management Science 39, — Networks 19, — National journals Un algoritmo euristico per la pianificazione delle risorse nei progettis of tware. Ricerca Operativa 56, 29— Ricerca Operativa 51, 3— Fischetti, S. Martello, P. Toth, G. Ricerca Operativa 48,3— Chapters of international books with peer review


00884 - Operations Research

Paola Barocchi, Studi vasariani,Torino, Einaudi, , p. Frey, Pitaglra,p. During the Great War, the Clinica del Lavoro became a military hospital, even though it indirectly maintained a role in Occupational Health, assisting women who had started to work to replace the men sent to the front. Full Text Available Gli ultimi due decenni hanno visto nascere una disciplina nuova: Hunc redama aspiciens [adspiciens] foedatos puluere crines Atque coronatam dumis pungentibus illam, Fronte[m] illam, nutu totum quae riceca Olympum. On the left side teeth — control group- only acidulated phosphate fluoride was applied for the same time. The number of symptoms was not related to the duration of mobbing but to the number and frequency of negative actions.


28639 - Foundations of Operative Research T-A (A-K)

Teacher Daniele Vigo. Credits 6. Teaching Mode Traditional lectures. Language Italian. AMS Campus. Introduction to logic and mathematical models of optimization and decision problems by using mathematical programming and numerical simulation. Capability of analyzing the complexity of problems and ability to solve and interpret some optimization problems also using the personal computer.


Curriculum Vitae of Mauro Dell'Amico

Nov Oct. Sept Oct. October 90 : PdD degree defending the thesis il Vehicle Scheduling Problem e problemi connessi: modelli ed algoritmi. July 79 : Scientific high school degree 3. RE - Information Science Inform.

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