The Toyota Tundra boasts enormous size, impressive interior space, and optional 5. But Toyota must enhance its cabin materials and give a more inspirational exterior design to outpace its top rivals. Completely redesigned in , the Toyota Tundra is both bigger and stronger than the preceding generation, and its strong 5. Lots of interior and passenger space is another benefit and with the Tundra, you have your choice of three cabs — the Regular Cab, the Double Cab, and the CrewMax Cab.

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Toyota Tundra Owners Manual OM U. We are p roud of t he a dv anc ed engi neeri ng and. Pl ease read it t horoughl y an d h ave al l t he occupant s. Wh en it co mes to se rvice, rem emb er th at your T oyo ta deale r kno ws your veh ic le ve ry well and is inte rested in your com plete.

D Hawaii :. The next owner wi l l need th is i nfor mat i on also. Please not e that thi s manual appl ies t o a l l model s a nd explai ns all equi pment , i ncl uding opt ions. T her efor e, you may. D Hawaii www. D Canada www. All ri ghts res er v ed. Mot or Cor por at ion. Important information about this manual. Safety and vehicle damage warnings. Throughout thi s m anual, you wi ll s ee saf ety and vehi c le d am-.

The t y pes of warni ngs , what they look l ik e, a nd how they ar e. Th is is a warnin g agains t anyth ing wh ich may cau se. Th is is a warnin g ag ains t any thing wh ich may cau se. You are inf orm ed a bout what you must or.

Wh en you see the safety sy mbo l. Important information about your T oyota. Occupant restraint systems. The e ff ect of. Th e purpo se of all occ up ant re straint syst em s is to help. Howev er, t he more you k now about. Chi l dr en shoul d al way s be. The rapid depl oym ent o f the SRS ai r-. This is just one examp le of how the. Event data recorder. D V ehic l e speed. D Po sition of the tran smission sele ct or lever. D SRS air bag deploy ment dat a.

The i nfor mat i on abov e is int ended t o be us ed for t he pur-. Unl ik e g en-. T oyota will not disclose th e data record ed in an EDR to a. D Order ed by the cour t. Ho we ver , if nece ssary T oyo ta will:. D Use the data for resea rch on T oyo ta veh ic le safe ty. D Disclose the data to a third party for research pu r-. D Disclose summ arized data cleare d of veh i cle ide ntifi -.

New vehicle warranty. Y ou r ne w vehicle is covere d by the follow ing T oyo ta limite d. D New vehic l e war r ant y. D Other s. Y our responsibility for. For sc hedul ed maint enanc e in-. Important health and safety. Sta te of California to cau se canc er and birt h de -. In addi t ion,. Ca lifornia to ca use can cer an d birt h de fects or. D Batt er y posts, ter mi nal s and rel at ed accessor i es.

Wa sh y our. U sed e ngi ne oi l cont ai ns. A l ways pr ot ect your skin by washi ng. Accessories, spare parts and. Y ou s hould k now that T oy ota does not w arr ant thes e pr od-. T oy ot a pr oduct s. In a ddi-. Spark ignition system of your. Installation of a mobile. D Seat bel t pr etens i oner sy s t em. D Tract i on contr ol sy s t em. D V ehicle stab ility con trol system. D T ire pressu re wa rnin g system. Tires and loading on your.

Underinflat ed o r o ver inflat ed tire i nf lation p ressure. Check the tire inflation pr essure. For details about. Scrapping of your T oyota. Th e SRS airba g an d seat belt prete nsion er devices in your. T oy ot a cont ain ex pl osi v e chemi c als. Be sur e to. This v ehi cl e w i ll handle and m aneuv er di ff erent l y fr om a n. In addi t ion, t his vehi c le h as a. Fa ilure to ope rate this vehicle corre c tly may resu lt in lo ss.

Leak detection pump. This p ump per for ms f uel ev aporat i on leak age chec k. S o you may hear sound c omi ng fr om under-. Perchlorate Material. Speci al handl i ng may appl y ,. See www. Y our vehi c l e has component s t hat m ay cont ai n per c hl orat e. These component s m ay inc l ude a i rbag, s eat bel t pret en-. Overview of in strumen ts and con trol s. Inst rument panel overview 2.

Steer ing swi tches and overhead console overview Inst rument clust er o verview Indi cator s ymbols on the instrum ent panel Side def r ost er o utl et. Ins t r ument panel vent s s i de vent s. Ins t r ument cl us t er. Autom ati c tr ans mi s s ion sel ect or lev er. Ins tr ument panel vent s c ent er vent s. Glov e boxes. Power door l oc k s wi t ches. Power wi ndow swi tc hes. Auxi l i ary b oxes. Bot t le hol ders.


2008 Toyota Tundra - Owner's Manual (599 pages)

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Toyota 2008 Tundra Owners Manual



2008 Toyota Tundra Configurations Review


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