This description enables us to determine fundamental characteristics of the supercritical random graph. Joint work with Jian Ding and Yuval Peres. This can be reduced to the following question in Random Graphs. We construct a random graph G by allowing each x in L to choose d random neighbours in R. The problem is to find m G , the size of the largest matching in G.

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We apply this to smoothed analysis of algorithms and property testing. Smoothed Analysis: Recognizing strongly connected digraphs is a basic computational task in graph theory. Even for graphs with bounded out-degree, it is NL-complete. We show that, with high probability, a log-space algorithm will correctly determine if a smoothed instance is strongly connected. The algorithm consists of, for every pair s,t , checking if a series of random walks starting at s ever reaches t and can be derandomized by carefully exploring vertices within a certain distance.

We also show that if NL is not contained in L then no heuristic can recognize similarly perturbed instances of s,t -connectivity. This is joint work with Alan Frieze.

We seek flows over time that drain all supplies to the sink, obey capacity constraints and minimize the total holding cost incurred. This problem is motivated by job-shop scheduling problems, whose relaxations can be viewed as continuous multicommodity flow problems with holding costs.

We give new results about the structure of optimal solutions, in particular for acyclic graphs which capture the case of flexible flow shops. Vertices are chosen uniformly at random from the surface of the unit sphere. Neighbors are chosen with probability proportional to their current degree. We show that if m and r are sufficiently large will be made precise in the talk this graph presents the following properties: - Power law degree sequence.

This is joint work with Abie Flaxman, Alan Frieze. We will present how a result by Alon on Network Reliability can be adapted to obtain good approximation algorithms for spanning tree problems. We will obtain approximation guarantees for at least two different problems using the same technique.

This is joint work with Kedar Dhamdhere and R. In this talk we will see how to classify and count Brunnian links joint work with Sina Greenwood. This is joint work with Sina Greenwood. Let S K n d be the length of the longest induced cycle in K n d. The problem of finding a good lower bound for the value of S K n d has a long history.


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