Not only was Imam Haddad a great scholar and Knower of Allah, but he was also a skilled poet and literary author. Although the Imam was experiencing intense pain and grief, he was advising himself and others to not complain or worry too much, so that they can be rewarded and honoured by Allah for having patience. Most people become very distressed or complain when they are tested, but the true believers are patient, having love of Allah and hope for reward from Him. And one does not seek this dunya unless their sight is completely blinded. If they had an intellect, they would have been more reflective.

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The muhaddid is said to be born once in years and by his presence and teaching the message of Muhammed peace be upon him is renewed and continued. We are now in the 15th Islamic century, and while some have speculated as to who the present day mujaddid is, it is not for me to relay here who it may be.

It is not always only one mujaddid, some centuries there are more than one. The mujaddid attains a stature in the tradition that is unquestioned and generally leaves behind a vast corpus of spiritual and other texts or a body of very famous students who become masters in their own right. Often they are persecuted by the ruling elite, as has been the case for so many of the great scholars in our tradition.

In fact the present day descendants of Imam Haddad, who represent one of the oldest unbroken lineages of sound Islamic scholarship in the Sunni tradition, and who still call the city of Tarim in Yemen their home, were and are often still persecuted. So this is nothing new, sadly. In fact, if we Muslims would stop listening to political leadership and start studying the religion we will find little difference among Sunni and Shias, and much that is the same.

Imam Haddad himself is a descendant of this blessed couple, his lineage below from www. For scholars, a diwan generally means their collection of artistic works, often poetry, as all great sunni scholars were great poets , became very popular and a number of his compositions are still sung today. By the way, the presence of a diwan of poetry itself, speaks volumes to the types of people true scholars really are — very much aligned to the spiritual inner workings of man — which all true poetry speaks directly to.

I would like to write of his scholarly works, of which, a very small but profound volume, I had the honor to study. But it would be too much here, so I will continue with his diwan. Unfortunately the translation is only in Bahasa. Ya Allah. Send down Your mercy by Your gaze That will cure all my ailments in me.

Oh my friend! Be those who are patient and grateful May you be successful and victorious And be amongst those who have the secrets That is, those who have hearts of light Pure from filth; Pristine and refined. This world is dejected, And the life of this world is insignificant, and life is short And no one has greed for the world, except those who are blind No intellect; that if he is of intellect he will reflect.

Reflecting that this world does not last And the sorrows are aplenty And wealth is scarce Hence, blessed is he, so blessed is he who is cautious of the world And divorced himself from it, and prepares himself to obey Allah. Oh my eyes! Pour from you tears that descend For a lover who had been sent. He was with us and now he has gone Our hearts have become saddened at his departure. There exists our masters and teachers Our family and those whom we love And they remain in our hearts They reside in places where the dusts smelt a sweet fragrance.

A resting place for the best of humanity They are the leaders of mankind In loving them there is happiness How blessed are those who visit them with sincerity And comes with awareness, so all his wishes will be facilitated. So Ramadan Mubarak to all my dear readers, of all faiths, backgrounds, creeds and places — I wish you all a month of peace, blessing, generosity, re-connection with your inner soul and great harmony.

May God, bring you all peace and prosperity and heal all our many wounds and bring peace to all countries at war, and especially bless and protect our children. I will end with the Quran, as Ramadan is the month of the Quran. I will not say which ones in order not to be tedious. The translation is given. Skip to content. Dear Readers, Assalamu alaikum, peace be with you, Hope you are all well. Here it is, with translation!

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Ala Yallah Bi Nadra



Ala Ya Allah Bi Nadhra ・・ Imam Haddad・・s Poem at His Wife・・s Death


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