This versatile live and recording mixer offers built-in digital effects—plus, it serves double duty as a USB audio interface. Now you can mix, remix, and record to your computer, all at the same time. The low-profile MultiMix 16 USB FX is compact, convenient, easy to use, and comes well equipped with the features professionals demand. Cubase 6 LE recording software is included to help get you started. Each channel is equipped with a smooth 60mm fader, a pan knob, a multi-band EQ, plus mute and solo buttons with LED indicators. In addition, each channel offers a send knob—complete with pre- and post- fader switching—to deliver the correct amount of signal to the onboard DSP effects.

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The mixer features eight mono input channels and an additional four stereo ones. All channels also feature a fixed 3-band EQ, two auxiliary sends, a pan control, a mute switch, a solo button and a volume fader. Alongside the inputs, all output routings are made along the top section where a small green display also indicates the presence of a USB signal.

A power switch, a switch for phantom power and the USB connector are on the back panel. Additionally, however, every single input channel can also be recorded direct-to-disk, giving you a whopping 18 channels of simultaneous audio recording. So you can plug in and monitor the whole of your band, with multiple inputs for drums, for instance, and record just these by arming only the channels you wish to capture in your DAW software.

The only aspects missing from a channel strip signal sent to the computer are auxiliary returns - because auxiliaries are shared, there would be no way to prevent returns from other channels bleeding into your chosen channel.

The ability to feed each channel to the computer individually is the most significant feature, as this means that you can patch all of your gear to this mixer and be ready to record anything at the drop of a hat.

However, even some of the smaller details have been really well thought-out. The ability to access additional outputs via the toggled mute switch is a useful bonus, as is the summed 2- track, USB audio return.

If you need a mixer, audio interface and effects unit in one package, look no further. MusicRadar The No. Home Reviews. Our Verdict A compact mixer and audio interface for the road or the studio. Pros 18 audio outputs! Clean mic preamps. Flexible master section that includes effects. Cons You may have to reboot your DAW when you adjust the buffer size.


Alesis MultiMix16 USB 2.0

Is it too good to be true? For the last few years, mixer manufacturers have been waking up to the fact that more and more recording musicians are working with computer-based studio systems, and have sought to simplify the interfacing between mixer and recorder to claim a share of this market — so USB- and Firewire-equipped mixers have been popping up like daisies. The USB 2. The requisite drivers are provided for both Mac OS Phantom power is switched globally from the rear panel, so if you're planning to use dynamic or ribbon mics alongside your condensers, you'll need to check that their design allows them to be subjected to phantom power without being damaged. It's a bit of a shame that there are no insert points on these channels, as this means that there's no easy way to compress mic signals before they reach your recorder.


Alesis MultiMix16 USB 2.0 review



MultiMix 16 USB


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