Many writers consider Anna Karenina the greatest work of literature ever [2] and Tolstoy himself called it his first true novel. It was initially released in serial installments from to in the periodical The Russian Messenger. A complex novel in eight parts, with more than a dozen major characters, it is spread over more than pages depending on the translation and publisher , typically contained in two volumes. It deals with themes of betrayal, faith, family, marriage, Imperial Russian society, desire, and rural vs.

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Somewhere between school obligations and passionate watching of the series, reading time is lost. It took me three weeks to read this really fantastic book. Everything is told by the fact that I read books for a day or two. The only time I have to read is at school, unless they are important subjects, and as the end of semester approaching, each subjects becomes important.

It happens whenever I feel the holiday spirit. I want to be gratefully, I apologize, forgive and do the right thing because, for me, this is what makes holidays a holiday. We are going to the book …. I bought this book in Lilly drugstore, just because the name sounded very interesting. And as I started reading it was worse, I was terribly disappointed! I read with a lot of trouble with several pages until the part came when a miniature replica of the house in which the book action took place appeared.

It triggered my imagination and I continued reading, even though it was not overly interesting, but when secrets began to reveal and change the life of the main hero Nella from the roots, I could not stop reading. These secrets entice you to read and think even more. Jessie Burton really can keep your attention. What I briefly know about her that is that she has been attend classes in one of the most prestigious acting schools in London, which is interesting for me, because I have been in the act for several years and received the award for the best actress.

Memories, memories … I am wandering again, as far as Jessie is concerned, I rejoiced when I heard that she was writing her second novel. What I do not like, as I have already mentioned, is that far past. I do not really like that, although this book talks about something that is still happening today.

Love, family, lies, scams, deception, secrets! So even though the story of the period when they judge witches in Salem, it can also apply to today.

Secrets remain secrets forever, and the family is always in the first place! Instead, it is involved in the whirlwind of dark, family secrets. This will make her suddenly mature and in some way corrupt to protect her new family.

He is the most interesting character in my opinion. One of her sentences is enough to reverse whole novel upside down.

She is somehow an angel guardian of the main characters in the book. As soon as I found out, I was glad, because people with another skin color were taboo at that time. This is another problem that arises today, racism. Love your loved ones.

I am grateful for a few readers, for my family and friends. Come out and just be grateful, for everything! Opet lutam!!! Prelazimo na knjigu…. Tajne ostaju tajne zauvek, a porodica je uvek na prvom mestu! On je po meni najpozitivniji lik. Oto — Oto je crnac. To je problem koji se i danas javlja, rasizam.

Vreme je praznika. My lack of inspiration mixed with school obligations is to blame for that. But after I read this perfect book, I would be wrong to not share it with you. I honestly do not like so much books or films that are related to the universe. He promised that I would not regret it, and I really did not. Of course, all the credit goes to the excellent writer Andy Weir who celebrated with the screened Martian book. Both the book and the film have achieved a tremendous success, but honestly, in my opinion, this book is even better!

This is the story of the first city on the Moon. The descriptions are really incredible so much that you have the feeling that you are really there. It is very difficult to achieve because at first glance it seems very complicated and unimaginable.

Through the book, we are following porter, Jazz. Indeed, a little bit of smuggling is just an additional benefit for a much-so much more comfortable life, if it can be called like that. Especially if it gets huge money for a little thing. And what if it goes wrong? What becomes the most sought-after person in the whole Moon and is included in the conspiracy to take control of Artemis?

This book shows that the right things are sometimes more important than our lives, but the most important thing that I understood during reading is that we can win together with true friends even though the universe is against us.

Though really through the book a lot of chemistry and physics are mentioned and therefore must be carefully monitored. Everything she care about is money. She also hates the rules. In the depths of the soul she is one very beautiful and caring person. No, they were never together, Dale stole her boyfriend. I sincerely recommend this book to you. If you read it I really hope you want it let me know the impressions! Iskreno ne volim toliko knjige ni filmove koji su vezani za svemir.

Ona je kriminalac. Through the book I laughed, shook, fell in love with the characters and disappointed. This is a book that does not let you drop it out of your hand. You feel that you are there, you feel what the main characters feel. There are unexpected crafts and tensions are rising with each new page. At some point think that you killed Simone. In addition to the mystery and drama, that are the basis of this novel, wonderful love stories, family drama and small secrets that we all push under the carpet behind the safe door of our home.

Murder at school. Four suspects with a strong motive. Their beautiful lives have begun to float like an old sweater. As the circle of lies disappears, they recognize true friends, love and find themselves.

The style of writing is not complicated what I like about such a novel type. Site for publishing school gossip khm, khm Gossipgirl. It also resembles Pll in some respects. We all have our skeletons in our closet. Imagine you were convicted of murder and someone discovered your secrets that threaten the future. How would you behave? Ovo je knjiga koja vam ne dozvoljava da je ispustite iz ruku.

U nekom trenutku se zapitate da niste vi ubili Sajmona. I know to say this for a lot of books, but this book is one of my favorites. I read it a few times and every time I get more and more beautiful. Romantic and funny and sad. It sounds like something unreal, but it can happen in real life. Nicola Yoon has done an amazing job. She had great idea, but the idea is not enough.

It takes talent to make such an idea, and it certainly has it. In case you have not read it, put it on your To Do list! You will follow a tense story full of funny but also sad events. The heart will bubble, jump and skip. I was looking forward to screening.

But I was very disappointed. Some actions and some characters, have been thrown out, which I do not like at all. The film itself is really great, but it can not be compare d with the book. Madlin — One beautiful and brave girl. In real life she would be my best friend. In real life he would be my boyfriend. Karla — A woman of a huge heart, full of love for all. In my real life she would be my aunt. In real life she would be my mom.


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