Come to think of it, it might be that in the beginning, her appetite for food was what brought them together. It wasn't friendship, nor love, yet could he remember correctly just how this strange, family-like relationship, solid yet complex, came to be? It was Indeed, it was fried rice.

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Come to think of it, it might be that in the beginning, her appetite for food was what brought them together. It wasn't friendship, nor love, yet could he remember correctly just how this strange, family-like relationship, solid yet complex, came to be? It was Indeed, it was fried rice. It started with that unforgettable but awful night, and then feeding her fried rice at three in the morning. Overwhelmed, he sadly kept quiet.

Though he had a strong reply on his lips, he thought that perhaps it would be better to hold his tongue. In that small right hand there was a chunk of pork shoulder roast. In the left hand a pork-loin block. Forced by Ryuuji to decide, Taiga was looking over the pork on the meat counter, slowly freaking out.

Light and fluffy waves of hair reaching her waist, transparent milky-white skin, she had a refined beauty like a French doll. Combined with a petite build, Taiga was rather cute today.

With those big chunks of meat in both hands, thinking about what to do with that simple mind, "I would just as soon eat both I give up, I can't decide! Ryuuji, it's your choice! Now do it! No way. Well then, cheaper it will be. Today roast, we'll make chashu. It's decided. Don't you really agree with roast? Sounds good to me! Comparing the cuts of meat in both hands, not wanting to let them go, Taiga finally shouted "Hya! At that, Ryuuji dropped the chunk of roast into the basket.

Go for chashu! After that, what will we have for sides?! Potato salad or macaroni salad would be good! Ryuuji was by now a little exasperated. That's really cheeky! What can be said about this lowly, vulgar, taxing, bumpkin, this pig-dog block of rotten meat!

What's with the drama, you completely disagreeable rascal? People are watching. She poked him in the eye up to the second joint! Ryuuji was in the middle of the store aisle, in pain, a figure in school uniform with his eyes pushed in, crouching, unable to get up.

Arms crossed in zama style, Taiga sneered down at him in contempt. That she is known by that name probably bothers the tigers. Well, OK. I got so hungry during your little show that I got rather anti-social. Incidentally, his eyes were simply bad genes, and his eyes were red only because they had just been poked badly.

At that very instant,. Taiga fell on her rear. Everything in the aisle within one meter in front of her went flying. And now her eyes rested upon some kinds of seasonal mushrooms. Thicker mushrooms are cheaper, but these ones,. These maitake! Such huge shiitake! The trumpet mushrooms are big too! Look at this fine bunapii root… of course it tastes like fall! By the mushroom counter, Ryuuji, pain in his eyes forgotten, almost leaping for joy, began fishing.

In her hand was a wooden box of matsutake. Indeed, the season was fall. Here and there in the supermarket plastic maple-tree ornaments were installed; over by the fish-counter housewives gathered for fresh saury. Sizzling crispy broiled skin, body covered with thick fat, drizzled in soy sauce, with plenty of grated radish and sudachi too…. Ryuuji filled a bag with nice round chestnuts, then was attracted, as if in a dream, to the long line for saury.

Taiga was hypnotized by it too, and followed. And, lined up in a row next to the chestnuts on display, big bunches of white grapes, their sweet smell a torment. I rather like that, grapes… man, why does fall have so many yummy things!? Grabbing only chestnuts, Ryuuji escaped, pulling his eyes away from the grapes. Such is fall, when speaking of fall cravings. For myself too, and everybody else is pretty much the same. Speaking of the fall harvest, seasonal things are naturally delicious amongst other things , and your body, done in by the summer heat, finally gets back into condition and begins to want wholesome energy.

That is what they call fall. Horses also get fat, you might say. Once Taiga had left, Ryuuji got in the line for the cash register, mixed in with the housewives. To this point, there was completely no hesitation in his manner. Since this last spring, acting as a real mother for another person, had only increased his abilities. And from the first, that person with the evil bloodshot eyes tolerated the eating and eye-poking.

The cashier yelped just once: women are getting better these days. Choosing the seasonal ingredients is fun and all, but besides cooking, general housework is what Ryuuji loves.

Thinking about menus, thinking about nutrition, thinking about which season it is while comparing this and that, making decisions. More than some clumsy game, the abuse Ryuuji received was an impressive spectacle.

Carrying his basket filled with things for cooking, with a good-humored look on his face, he looked around for Taiga. In spite of the fact that dinner was coming, and in spite of the kakuni he was going to make, Taiga was waiting for Ryuuji those few extra minutes at the corner of the bakery in front of the supermarket, standing there eating a muffin. She stretched her mouth around the muffin to bite it, but suddenly Taiga said "Ha!

Have patience until we get to the house, then we can put on some tea. What shall we do? I would like try a latte. Take a look at my shape! Just chill, alright?

My treat! You were the one who said he liked the coffee over there! The plan was to get a latte without sugar. By request, de-li-ci-ous! Fried rice was the catalyst. Everything came together eventually when she snuck into the house late at night, Taiga fainted from hunger, when he made fried rice his luck ran out. Speaking of that appetite, it was truly becoming a problem. Where in her petite body that chowhound was putting it all was pretty much a wonder. Back to the present.

I was thinking, if there are leftovers, I wouldn't be able to avoid saying something, but --— Ryuuji was bad manneredly eating the boiled rice from the ladle with his front teeth. Since he was always cooking for three, Taiga came to eat as if she were two people. Come to think of it, in the past few days many people had begun to notice this style.

Up to this point, Taiga had normally chosen foolish frilly layered one-piece dresses. Taiga twitched. Ah, more or less. I tried to wear it once, since it was easy. For some reason or other. Look, I only come here to eat. I just want to take it easy. Yeah, take it easy.


Toradora!:Spin-Off Illustrations

I changed handphone to cellphone since I thought it sounds better but if you don't like that then you can delete the edit. When I read volume 3, I noticed that the Author's Notes was the one from volume 2 however, if I, instead of clicking on Volume 3, click on Author's Notes, under volume 3, I get the right one. Hi, i just wanted to thanks everybody for your hard work, this novel is awesome, i can't stopo reading it. Thank you very much for taking the time to translate this, much appreciated and have read everything so far I want AmixRyuuji Ending!! Q who else want's AmiXRyuuji here?





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