Nice place for peace of mind. Memories of Aai are memorised at this place. One should get thirth This place is happening all over the year. It is temple of lord Vishnu and their incarnations If we need a break and ur search of peace , this is a place you have to visit.

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Good to see this, I was trying to sing all of it but could not remmeber the whole bhajans. Happy see this. Are there any viedo's of Bhajan's from Mandir. Really miss that and would like to hear them again. Very Sorry. Thanks for posting it. Can we have marathi version of this posted also here? That would be really great!! Regards, Laxmikant.

Owalu arati mata Kalawati. Pahat tujhi murati man kamana purti. Bhave vandita tav divya paule. Sansara pasuni maje man bhangale.

Tujha bhajani nit chit rangale. Jhali hasta paashi puran shanti. Gauravarn tanuvari shobhe shubra ambar. Darshan matre labhe anand thor. Bhashani Sakal sanshaya jaati dur. Vishalaksha maj de gun vanti. Kalavati Aai tula changle ashirvad detil Thanks for making available Balopasana online.

Please let us know. Parampujya Aai will always shower lot of blessings on u Hello, It was a great pleasure to see balopasana online. Om Namah Shivay!!!!! It will be very useful who is following Balopasana home. I don't think Audio Balopasana can be uploaded due to various copyright purposes. Lets chant them the tune automatically catches up!!! OM Namah Shivay!!! You have done a great job. AAI will bless you! But i m worried , we can not publish any literature of our Harimandir without prior permission from Harimandir Belgaon.

Please take care Om Namah Shivay Sachin. Hey Friends.. Please do reply.. Nope vivek pls tell me if u found any Very nove 2 C Balaposana on blog. Could it be an audio version? If some body could, pl.

Om Nam Shivay. Shri Sadgurunath Maharaj Ki Jay. If possible please give me link from where audio version of balopasna can be downloaded. For time being just the first part of shree ganapate vign nashana. Happy to see this online There are some lines missing in the Chovis Namvali..

Please please correct it if possible. It's great to see balopasna on line. Thanks a lot Deepa. Aai will always bless you. Online Balopasana really came as a great help today. Thank you for this I forgot d book today ANS - it's wonderful to see this initiative by some passionate followers. Thanks in abundance. Let's hope and prayer that there is an audio version available soon Thank you so much for putting Balopasana on the blog So please edit it if possible.

Shree Satgurunath Maharaj Ki Jai. Pls tell me if there are any places near san jose, ca usa where balopasana is done or of there is any aai mandir nearby.. Also note it's against Hari mandir belgaum's policy to post any content on the web without Dada's permissions Pls refrain from posting , downloading or uploading any contents of kalavati AAI.

I know some may not like it but if u are a true follower or kalavati AAI u will surely understand and follow the right preachings. Om Nam Shivay!!! Navi mumbai madhe bhajane kendra kuthe aahe kiva aainch mandir Om namah shivay i m glad to see this blog. Hii, Can anyone please let me know if there is any shakha in Dubai?? Not in Dubai.. I can give Om Namha Shivay Thank you very much for initiating this. Navi mumbai means kuthe? Vashi pasun panvel navi mumbai.. Thank you for posting it in English.

By the way, you will come across many people who will preach about not posting stuff online because they have been made to believe that Kalavati Aai is a private property of Harimandir Belgaum. These so called gyaani's need to understand that posting Aai's picture or Balopasana or Bhajan's isn't a sin or a crime.

Aai herself was pro-technology. Had she not been pro-technology, we would never be able to listen to her tape recordings bhajans and anubhav. So pls go get a life and avoid telling us about what to do and what not to do.

Aai is our mother and we don't need puppets from Belgaum to tell us how should we pray. Aai has also mentioned about 'prachaar' and spreading her teachings online is the best form of 'Prachaar'. Lets spread all the great work and preachings of Aai and let people know what a divine force she was.

Om Namay Shivay. Parama pujya guru devata shree kalavati mata ki jai! Can you plz share the other source for Balopasna Audio.. Thursday, January 7, Online Balopasana. Param udara bhav bhyi vara, Rakhu mayi wara sukh kanda. Paap taap duritadi haraya tuchi samartha yaduraya, mhanoni tujsi eko bhave sharan mi alo yaduraya.

Kanti Nishi din naam waso chit akhand premataso. Shaam sundara sarva kaal maj tujhe sagun roop diso. Tu mauli me lekaru deva, tu swami chakaru. ME paan tu taruvaru deva, tu dhenu me vasaru. Tu pawan me patit deva tu data me yacha, tu phool me suwas deva, tu malak me savak.

Tu gul me godi deva, tu dhanushya me baan. Tu dongar me chara deva, tu chandan me sahan. Tu chandra ma me chakor deva, me kala tu pornima. Tujha varna nasi nahi seema asa aghad tuja mahi ma. Tu jal me barf deva tu sagar me lahari. Tujvin khsan maj yug sama vato, hechi magane sri hari, Vatsa gaya baala maya, tevi majal tu aaie. Kaya vach mhane sadodit, tav padi seva maj deyi.

Dhyas na sode vishayacha maj tujha payi man satat ramo. Dradantar bhave tav gun gaata, kote maje man na gamo.



Thursday, January 7, Online Balopasana. Param udara bhav bhyi vara, Rakhu mayi wara sukh kanda. Paap taap duritadi haraya tuchi samartha yaduraya, mhanoni tujsi eko bhave sharan mi alo yaduraya. Kanti Nishi din naam waso chit akhand premataso. Shaam sundara sarva kaal maj tujhe sagun roop diso.


"Parama Pujya Gurudevata Shree Kalavati... - Shri Hari Mandir

Thanks for the post.. Thanks a lot for this post. I regularly read it. U have helped me by doing so. God bless u




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