Username Password Remember me. Bengali panjika pdf Choose from thousands of best Bengali names for Hindu, Christian and Muslim babies. Use the double arrows on either side of the calendar to view previous and next months. The Panchang presented in this app contains enough information for people following different Panchang. Bengali Panjika by Benimadhab Sil. It contains the list of festivals in each month of Bengali calendar.

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An upgraded and detailed Bengali calendar, highlighting events and holidays. Duration of new moon, ekadashi and other events in the Bengali calendar year are specified. Refer to this calendar to fix Bengali marriages and aunnoprashan. Surfers can take the advantage of visiting the special events like festivals and birthdays or 'tithis' of great men directly through the links.

In this Bengali Calendar you will find bengali calendar date along with english calendar date. Apart from this there are details timing of New moon and Full moon and ekadashi in this bengali calendar.

Panjika is perhaps the most forgotten yet important material required for the Bengali Household. The Panjika enables us to know about each and every minute detail regarding the tithis, pujas, lagnas parban etc. Rakkha Kali Puja Earth Day. Bengali Calendar : Baishakh - Chaitra Month Durga Puja Date and Time. Marriage Date and Time.

Bengali Date. English Date. Special Events. Day Details for Kolkata. Death Day of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. World Hemophilia Day. National Mass Communication Day.

Sati Sadhani Divas in Assam. World Malaria Day. Akshaya Tritiya. Death Day of Rajshekhar Basu. May Day. Birthday of Satyajit Ray. Birthday of Pritilata Waddedar. International No Diet Day. Buddha Purnima. National Technology Day. International Nurese Day. Death Day of Sukanta Bhattacharya. Upanayan As Bengali date 20, Shubha Bibaha Marriage As Bengali date 4,20,21,22, Karkhanarambha starting a Factory As Bengali date 2,4,7,10,14,16,17,21,25, Griharambha Build new House As Bengali date 17, Diksha taking Mantra from Guru As Bengali date 12,13,17,19,20,21,28, Grihaprabesh enter new House As Bengali date 17, Namkaran naming ceremony As Bengali date 2,4,7,10,14,16,17,21,25, Kraybanijya Buying As Bengali date 2,4,10,14,16,17,21,25, Bikraybanijya selling As Bengali date 2,7,11,14,18,21,25,28,


Panjika 1421 (Benimadhab)



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