Firstly, there seems to be a number of people on social media claiming that they have been able to jump higher with the help of the program. However, there is very little information available online to verify their stories or even to gain an understanding of what the BoingVert program is all about. In addition to this the BoingVert website is terribly designed and a nightmare to navigate. However, you should never judge a book by it's cover, so I had to get my hands on a copy of BoingVert to take a closer inspection.

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There are a handful of vertical jump programs out there that guarantee an increase in your vertical jump, is BoingVert one of them? BoingVert claims that you will gain 12 or more inches in your vertical in 6 months.

BoingVert is a respectable vertical jump training program that is admired by lots of jumpers around the world. It was recommended by professionals for anyone who wants to jump higher. The makers behind BoingVert only give you advertising promo that states their claims to being the best vertical jump program. They have no real information to give out to the community but I think that is so you can purchase the program and know for yourself.

You would think that there would be lots of testimonials from people who had success with BoingVert but surprisingly there is not. The main testimonials I found were videos that the BoingVert company posted themselves. Their YouTube channel has lots of videos of vertical jumpers showing success with their vertical gains.

Since I have no real information to go off of I talked to my cousin about BoingVert. My cousin is a college basketball player and he has tried many vertical jump programs. He said he actually has tried BoingVert some years back.

We set down and logged into his account Once he finally remembered his password. The layout was ok and easy to navigate. There was a few buttons that took you to different sections of the program.

Here are some of the sections of the program and what they consist of. Animal is a 16 week long training program inside BoingVert. It is purely a plyometric workout routine. It comes as a downloadable eBook and has video instructions to follow. This is the main part of the program as it details the science behind jumping higher. The Animal Program is designed to get your muscles stronger so you can have more burst.

It also has other body weight exercises that go along with it. Monster is an 11 week long training program and was a new addition to the program in Before BoingVert only had the Animal training. I guess they felt they were missing something from the program so they added this and changed things up a little. This part of the program focuses on developing your strength. They say to complete this section only after you complete the Animal section.

Air Warfare is a 12 week long training program that is sort of like a bonus. This part of the program is for weight training. If you are the type that likes to use weights to workout then this would be the part for you. Or do you do all of them? These sections of the program go into detail about how to do each workout. They also have a diet and supplement routine inside the program.

They are very informative about the type of diet and health practices you should do. Here are some of the ones that caught my eye, there are a lot so brace yourself. They break everything down into different sections with their own names, see for yourself. This section is all about stretching.

Teaches you how to jump and land the proper way. I like this section because this is important when it comes to vertical jumping.

Your technique can be part of the reason you jump higher or not. Obviously this section focuses on your core strength. Even though most workouts you do has something to do with your core, doing workouts that only focus on your core is definitely needed. This is a cardio workout that focuses on giving you that extra boost. From what I seen it will get you in good shape. I like this idea. This is a little workout you can do while you sit at a desk or table.

This workout will strengthen parts of your legs while you sit down. This title is pretty much self-explanatory. They give you a complete diet to follow along with different varieties of recipes. They also give you an eBook to teach you about why you should eat healthy and what it does for your body. I like this section because it shows you about healing using coldness. This resonated with me a lot because I am big on getting the right healing after workouts. This is another section I liked.

Sometimes we need help to breathe the right way while we are in intense moments. Breathing helps a lot to calm the body down and stay consistent. This section is advice given by different people on how to jump higher. I think they made this section just to add something catchy because the secrets are philosophy based.

I wanted to show you every section and what they named them to give you an idea of how they operate. I think a lot of these sections were being a little extra and they could have just incorporated all of this into the main program. I can see how this will confuse a lot of people as they like to be guided in training and not have to manually go and pick each section to work on. I know that it is their brand name but at times it can get a little bit goofy when you name everything you do boing.

Other than that there were some sections that I liked. BoingVert is a six month long vertical training program. Nothing happens fast especially when it comes to vertical jump training, or does it? The two best jump training programs that I like are no longer than weeks.

People like quick results these days. Personally I would rather do effective training that will give me results in a faster time than to do training that will take me half a year to complete. Players have to focus on getting their game better and constantly trying to be the best they can be.

For that reason, training for 6 months to increase your vertical while working on your game at the same time seems like a lot. You would have to time the training according to your on or off season if you play for a team. Even then the training may go into your own season. For me, when I trained my vertical jump I did it off season.

If you are practicing for basketball and doing BoingVert at the same time you are going to be working extra hard. If that is something that you can handle and you are advanced in your training then ignore this but if you are a beginner when it comes to this type of training then I suggest you only focus on this training while you are in the program.

The man behind the plan is Shawn Myszka. He is well known and respected as a vertical jump coach and has the professional credentials to teach you how to increase your vertical. He has trained some of the best athletes and has been successful at doing it. He consults profession players mainly NFL players who want to take their performance levels to the top. He has been an NSCA certified strength and conditioning specialist since He also is a speaker for a variety of sports and athletic organizations all over the country.

In other words he made a name for himself and is definitely qualified to teach you how to increase your vertical jump. He is very into the science of strength workouts.

Shawn collaborated with Kelly who is a certified strength trainer. Together they made the Monster Program that was added later after the release of BoingVert. This book is popular in the vertical jump world and proves that he knows his stuff. Vertical jump bible is a little bit older and is considered to be outdated but the principles behind it are still into play by many vertical jumpers.

The book influenced a lot of the vertical jump leaders of today so you can say that it birthed a lot of big figures. When you log in to start the program you will be instructed to start the Animal Program. You will have to read a page eBook titled the Jump Philosophy.

This book will give you the theory and science of everything you need to know about jumping. This consists of drills such as working out key muscle groups, stretching your muscles, and jumping and landing with the correct technique. The Animal program is a 16 week training period that is broken down into 6 separate phases. Each phase lasts between weeks. This is the section that is going to prepare you for the Animal workout. When you start to workout at high intensity levels your body needs to be conditioned to be able to maintain and stay consistent.

This phase will get your body ready. This phase is very important. You will learn how to use your muscles at certain moments and sync them with your jumping techniques. You will learn how to use burst action and better your coordination.


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