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Cioran , libro Breviario de podredumbre. Cioran , libro Del inconveniente de haber nacido. Cioran , libro History and Utopia. What is deadly to philosophy, to the naive belief in the hierarchy of perplexities. Can anyone who has reached the limit bother with arguments, causes, effects, moral considerations, and so forth? Of course not. For such a person there are only unmotivated motives for living. On the heights of despair, the passion for the absurd is the only thing that can still throw a demonic light on chaos.

When all the current reasons — moral, esthetic, religious, social, and so on — no longer guide one's life, how can one sustain life without succumbing to nothingness?

Only by a connection with the absurd, by love of absolute uselessness, loving something which does not have substance but which simulates an illusion of life. I live because the mountains do not laugh and the worms do not sing.

If you talk about death, you save part of yourself. But at the same time, something of your real self dies, because objectified meanings lose the actuality they have in consciousness. Either formula affords a like serenity. The man of anxiety, to his misfortune, remains between them, trembling and perplexed, forever at the mercy of a nuance, incapable of gaining a foothold in the security of being or in the absence of being.

They have melted into… me, and what is this me, this self, but the sum of these evaporated sensations? Unfortunately, it is within no one's reach. He disliked demonstrating, he wanted to convince no one. Others are a dialectician's invention. A proof that the secret of everything is in action and not abstention, that fatal cause of consciousness. Once we feel its mere onset, we assume a thinker's attitude, and come to think of it, we come to think!

Painful sensations being the only real ones, it is virtually useless to experience others. This notion gave me the taste, even the passion for being unproductive: what was the use of being prized in a world inhabited by madmen, a world mired in mania and stupidity? For whom was one to bother, and to what end? It remains to be seen if I have quite freed myself from this certitude, salvation in the absolute, ruin in the immediate. Etiam egestas wisi a erat.

Morbi imperdiet, mauris ac auctor dictum. Aniversarios de hoy Pancho Villa 14 mexicano nacimiento des conocido - Rick Riordan 75 escritor estadounidense Ray Bradbury escritor estadounidense -


ISBN 13: 9788430610839

Cioran was born and educated in Romania and lived in Paris from until his death. He is the author of numerous works, including "On the Heights of Despair", also available from the University of Chicago Press. See less. The following is a personality profile of Emil Cioran based on his work. Emil Cioran is a bit inconsiderate, somewhat critical and excitable. He is intermittent, he has a hard time sticking with difficult tasks for a long period of time.


Breviario de Podredumbre

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