Compiler Design. Compiler, Phases and passes bootstrapping, Finite state machines and regular expressions and their applications to lexical analysis, Implementation of Lexical analyzers, lexical-analyzer generator, LEX-complier, Formal grammers and their application to syntax analysis, BNF notation, ambiguity, YACC. The syntactic specification of programming languages : Context free grammers, derivation and parse trees, capabilities of CFG. More about translation : Array references in arithmetic expressions, procedures call, declarations, case statements. Symbol TablesData structure for symbols tables, representing scope information. Run-Time Administration : Implementation of simple stack allocation scheme, storage allocation in block structured language.

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Introduction to Compilers Compilers, Analysis of the source program, The phases of a compiler, Cousins of the compiler, The grouping of phases, Compiler-construction tools, Translators - Compilation and interpretation, A simple one-pass compiler.

Lexical Analysis Need and role of lexical analyzer - Lexical errors, Input buffering - Specification of tokens, Recognition of tokens, A language for specifying lexical analyzers, Finite automata, From a regular expression to an NFA, Design of a lexical analyzer generator. Syntax Directed Translation and Type Checking Syntax - Directed definitions, Construction of syntax trees, Bottom-up evaluation of S-attributed definitions, L-attributed definitions, Top down translation, Bottom-up evaluation of inherited attributes, Forms of intermediate code -Translation of assignment, Boolean expression and control statements - Back patching type systems - Specification of a simple type checker - Equivalence of type expressions - Type conversions.

Principal sources of optimization - DAG - Optimization of basic blocks - Global data flow analysis - Efficient data flow algorithms - Issues in design of a code generator - A simple code generator algorithm. If you know the book but cannot find it on AbeBooks, we can automatically search for it on your behalf as new inventory is added. If it is added to AbeBooks by one of our member booksellers, we will notify you! Items related to Principles of compiler design.

Principles of compiler design. Publisher: Technical Publications , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis Introduction to Compilers Compilers, Analysis of the source program, The phases of a compiler, Cousins of the compiler, The grouping of phases, Compiler-construction tools, Translators - Compilation and interpretation, A simple one-pass compiler. Create a Want.

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Compiler Design. Overview of Compilation : Phases of compilation - Lexical analysis, Regular grammar and regular expression for common programming language features, Pass and phases of translation, Interpretation, Bootstrapping, Data structures in compilation - LEX lexical analyzer generator. Semantic Analysis : Intermediate forms of source programs - abstract syntax tree, Polish notation and three address codes. Attributed grammars, Syntax directed translation, Conversion of popular programming languages language constructs into intermediate code forms, Type checker. Symbol Tables : Symbol table format, Organization for block structures languages, Hashing, Tree structures representation of scope information. Block structures and non block structure storage allocation : Static, Runtime stack and heap storage allocation, Storage allocation for arrays, strings and records. Data Flow Analysis : Flow graph, Data flow equation, Global optimization, Redundant subexpression elimination, Induction variable elements, Live variable analysis, Copy propagation.


Principles of Compiler Design. Compiler Translator issues, why to write compiler, compilation process in brief, front end and backend model, compiler construction tools. Interpreter and the related issues, Cross compiler, Incremental compiler, Boot strapping, byte code compilers Lexical Analysis Review of lexical analysis : alphabet, token, lexical error, Block schematic of lexical analyser, Automatic construction of lexical analyser LEX , LEX specification and features. Semantic Analysis Need of semantic analysis, type checking and type conversion. Syntax Directed Translation Syntax directed definitions, construction of syntax trees, bottom-up evaluation of S-attributed definitions, L-attributed definitions, Top-down translation, bottom-up evaluation of inherited attributes. Intermediate Code Generation Intermediate languages, declarations, assignment statements, iterative statements, case statements, arrays, structures, conditional statements, Boolean expressions, back patching, procedure calls, Intermediate code generation using YACC.


Principles Of Compiler Design. CompilingCompilers - Analysis of the source program - Phases of a compiler - Cousins of the compiler - Grouping of phases - Compiler construction tools - Lexical analysis - Role of lexical analyzer - Input buffering - Specification of tokens. Code GenerationIssues in the design of code generator - The target machine - Runtime storage management - Basic blocks and flow graphs - Next-use information - A simple code generator - DAG representation of basic blocks - Peephole optimization. Code Optimization and Run Time EnvironmentsIntroduction - Principal sources of optimization - Optimization of basic blocks - Introduction to global data flow analysis - Runtime Environments - Source language issues - Storage organization - Storage Allocation strategies - Access to non-local names - Parameter passing. CodeCpumization 71 to Run Time Storage Organization 81 to



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