Od r. Quick jump to page content. Opublikowane: wrz 10, Abstrakt The purpose of this article is to analyse the relationship between adjudication and the concept of the political. By referring to the understanding of the concept of the political developed inter alia by Carl Schmitt and Chantal Mouffe, the article posits that not all judicial decisions individual instances of adjudication should be treated as belonging to the sphere of the political, but only those which fulfil jointly two premises: firstly, they are true decisions, involving at least some degree of discretionality in the sphere of facts, or in the sphere of law, or in the sphere of the legal classification of facts , and secondly, involving a conflict which is structural for the community or society within which this adjudication is performed.

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The DOI Digital Object Identifier is currently the most important means of confirmation that a given academic article published online is unique, and at the same time it assigns a unique Internet address to the text, ensuring that it cannot be deleted and providing quick access to it, which considerably facilitates work with academic texts. The DOI is usually provided in the header of a given text. The authors are obliged to cite the DOIs in footnotes and in the reference list.

Example of a footnote featuring a DOI:. Internet content e. Brooks, Daniel R. Chicago Reappraisals: Reflections on the Forgotten Twentieth Century. New York Resistance and Revolution in Mediterranean Europe, Jellinek, Georg.

Constitutional Amendment and Constitutional Transformation. W: Weimar. A Jurisprudence of Crisis, red. Arthur J. Jacobson i Bernhard Schlink. Berkeley-Los Angeles-London Novak, William J. Schwaegermann, Ingrid. Schubert and Beethoven. Skip to main content UJ Politeja.

Formatting guide Footnotes - sample Books: Language Loyalties. When repeating title: Ibidem, p. Schmitt, Teologia polityczna Book chapters: M. Articles:: M. Online articles: K. Gibbs, R. Example of a footnote featuring a DOI: a citation of a journal that has an electronic version: A. Bakhtin, Mikhail. Rabelais and his World. Helene Iswolsky. Cambridge, MA Comaroff, Jean, John Comaroff, red.

Modernity and Its Malcontents. Judt, Tony. Grand Illusion? An Essay on Europe. Olson, Hope A. Codes, Costs and Critiques. Web editors.


Orzekanie w polu polityczności




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