Page Count: Manual Mar ch Aug Addition of info on Dr y Enhancement Mode — refer section 4. Mar Dim ensions and Specific ations updated p 9, Email: par ts fp.

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Page Count: Manual Mar ch Aug Addition of info on Dr y Enhancement Mode — refer section 4. Mar Dim ensions and Specific ations updated p 9, Email: par ts fp. Whitewar e Spare Parts. Email: parts fp. International Di vision. Email: par ts. Sunlight Buil ding March Manual Specific safety issues are listed below with their appropriate icon.

These are illustrated. Ensure the mains power has been disconnected before servi cing the DishD rawer. If the mai ns. An anti-static str ap is to be used as electri cal static dischar ge ESD protecti on when servici ng. Ensure the work ar ea is in a tidy and or derly c ondition at all times so as not to cause a hazard. Alw ays clean and tidy the DishDr awer and wor k area after. Turn off the water connection tap befor e servici ng. Check for water l eaks as part of the testing after the serv ice has been completed.

Warning: Short together the phase and neutral pi ns on the plug so as not to damage any. Plastic surfaces can be damaged by sol vents and excessive heat. When worki ng around cut sheet metal edges use appr opr iate gloves or pr otection to elimi nate. While in diagnosti cs some safety devices are bypassed. Ensure you do not run components unattended. They may overheat, fl ood, burnout or cause. For servic ing this product Speci alised tools ar e required.

To be used as ESD protection when r eplacing or handl ing electronic com ponents. Height doubl e Component Part Number Specifications.

Water Inlet Valve Ph3. Water Softener grams Salt C apacity. The DishDraw er chassis is one compl ete assembly composed of 5 steel m etal components locked together by a. The chassis exteri or is made of a lacquer ed electrogalvanised m aterial cal led. Unlike most other dishwashers, the chassis assem bly is a load carr ying structure designed to i mpart stiffness to the. The feet of the Double cabinet are assem bled into the cha ssis by means of four steel inserts whic h are clinched in.

Prefinished dr awer fronts are for med from a pai nted, brushed or Iri dium finish stai nless steel blank.

The draw er. On the integrated model , the front panel supplied on each dr awer is the m ounting panel for the joi nery finished. The j oinery finished dr awer front i s supplied by the customer. This Micr o controller also contr ols a transformer less 85w switchmode pow er supply.

This power supply utilises a. From thi s the controller can supply voltages from 5V to 85V to the var ious components in the. NOTE:- Wi th power supplies of this nature all components r egardless of supply volt age should be treated as live to. The user interface compr ises a printed cir cuit board for fr ont controls and a touch swi tch panel for internal controls.

The electronics can connect to a computer service t ool vi a an optical li ght pen for fault findi ng and product. The element is sw itched by one single pole r elay. Overheat prot ection is effected by a short length of solder i n series. In an overheat situation thi s solder mel ts causing the power. A tub home sensor is us ed to determine when the tub is closed and it is safe to star t a cycle.

The tub home sensor. Infer red light i s transmitted fr om the LED through an opti cal light pipe to the r ight hand side of the tub. When the tub is. Two touch switches are us ed on the secondary control panel one to sele ct the required wash cycle and one to turn. They are capacit ive touch switches and are s uppl ied with an analogue signal from the.

The motor is a ful ly electroni cally controll ed 80V, 60w, 3 phase, 6 pole brushl ess DC motor, r unning on wash at. The rotor is a four pole permanent m agnet rotor with a graphi te bearing at each end of the verti cal shaft. At the. The spray arm is shaped for most efficient water flow. The holes are positi oned for best penetration into the w ash. Ther e is a flap valve. This part lets air through the spray arm when the DishDraw er is filling with. The DishDra wer fill levels are mo re consistent with the flap valve system.

The wiring cover protects the customer fr om all elec trical com ponents in the motor ar ea underneath the tub. It also ser ves to protect. The wiring cover acts as. The lid is a singl e piece of polymer pl astic with a static s eal co-injection m oulded into it.

Each side of the l id is clipped. At the beginning of each wash cycle, both motors are powered for approximately 10 seconds, which pulls the lid. The lid remains down for the durat ion of the cycle and is only lifted when the.

DishDrawer beeps to si gnal the end of the cycle or if the custom er pauses it to gain access to the tub. If power to the DishDraw er fails with the lid down you can still force the tub open manually if a ccess is required. It is. The lid can be wound up manual ly with the tub ful ly.

Failur e to raise the li d before closing the Dr awer could r esult in the lid seal being damaged. The tub is the main cavity w here all the wash activi ty occurs. The tub is a polymer plastic receptacle whi ch has a. The tub also has guide v anes around its walls which direct falling water from. This clears the f ilter plate of food particles into the.

From the connection to the. Each tub is supplied water independently via one of the dual valve coils and a fill hose that runs through a. At the front of the tub, the fill hose connects to the deter gent dispenser which allows water to enter the tub,.

In a product fitted with a w ater softener, water is directed through the softener before entering the di spenser. The dispenser is m ounted in the front wall of the wash tub.

The detergent dispenser consis ts of two detergent chamber s, one for pre wash and the other for the main wash. The detergent dispenser door is opened manuall y for det ergent loading and then m anually closed r eady for the. To enabl e each detergent chamber to be di spensed.

Additionally a positive displ acement pump unit and stor age tank are incorpor ated within the dispenser to supply rinse. The rinse aid di spensed volume can be adjusted by the custom er in option adjustm ent mode. A glowing r ed. The tub fills with approximately 2. Once this level is reached, t he wash pump which has sensed the fill via the electronics becomes primed and.

The load on the wash pump is constantly monitored. The heater plate is an el ement consisting of a por celain enamell ed steel plate with a thick fi lm resi stive circui t printed. As well as the heating circui t a large dropping r esistor is al so printed onto the heater plate w hich.

The element is cl amped in place by a lockr ing nut and supports the motor. The heater plate lies beneath the filter plate. A flow through water heating system is cr eated during the wash cycle. Attached to the element is a sub pr inted circui t board with a temper ature sensitive ther mistor.


Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer DD603 Service Manual

Very simple to diagnose. Followed instructions in user manual for cleaning filter plate. Noticed that the pump sat immediately below filter plate. Bayonet fittings used throughout generally so twisted off. As we have the 2 draw model I temporarily replaced with the 2nd motor. All worked well. Then ordered new pump through Bigwarehouse.


Fisher & Paykel DD603 Service Manual






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