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F Park Jet Manual. Jet pump maintenance m Operation manual of JE Documentation Leibinger Interface protocol For printer series Version 1. The interface is based on a dual-master protocol which is able to send from both sides independently.

The protocol generates a frame around the LJscript-language so that the interface can directly transfer script-sequencies. To offer a terminal-function the protocol works without a direct package reply. For the usage of a serial interface it is required to activate the handshake-controlled hardwareflow control in the transmission range to avoid a receive-sited overflow.

After the start character the destination address follows, which consists of a character in the range of and A-F. Further addresses are not used at the moment, they are just used as reserve for later options. Afterwards a character continues which selects a command group. Action-instruction Printer control, e.

Inquiry The designation of the instruction which has been inquired continues e. Basically all values are allowed but some values have special functions: Character 0x00 Will be replaced by blank characters 0x Is not allowed within data.

The handling of further special characters is described in the following chapter. Variables if not defined otherwise are passed over as tab separated decimal values. In these cases special characters must not be used in mailing records, scripts or file names! Validity The following definitions of the commands are only valid for the turned on device. If the device is in standby mode, only the instruction! PO Power ON ,! RM Reset or FileTransfer can be handled.

The command list of the parameters may be extended in later versions. That means each receiver has to be prepared to receive more data and it must be able to ignore excess or unknown data.

The following actions are implemented. Overview Command! RC Reset all counters to its initial value which are defined in a job as counter reset source. Host Seite 7 von 41 ! LF This instruction is necessary if fonts have been changed or added and which should be used by the current job. This instruction causes a short interrupt of the print out.

US This instruction prevents user - inputs for 10 seconds information window on the operator interface opens. If the interface should be blocked for the operator for the duration of a remote connection, the remote application has to repeat this instruction within 10 seconds continuously or a communication should be proceeded within 10 seconds inquire status, read files etc.

This function should provide an operation even in case of a connection abort. By sending the! UR command you can leave this mode and the operation will be enabled immediately.

EQ Provides the acknowledgement of arising errors at the machine. Errors have to be acknowledged especially in the User Suspend mode because the machine will turn off after a certain period of time due to safety reasons. If and which errors are occurred can be determined with?

RS see there. LN The LJ3 sends from this moment in his protocol the length of data. This will be done until the LJ3 will be switched off or he gets a factory reset command. The protocol is not changed for the receiving of the Leibinger-Jet3.

Here the length will not be sent. The length is always a decimal number with 5 digits and comes directly after the address byte and before the command group character. This length defines the number of bytes which are coming from now on including the terminating carriage return.

EM Switch on the echo mode. This remains switched on until the LJ3 will be switched off or he gets a factory reset command. Function: The printer sends all action- and parameter commands directly after the receiving back to the host. These are the commands with the! Overview of inquiries Host? Machine Command Description? AC Query of all counters in the current job. CC Query product counter reading? DS Query free internal flash memory space?

EL Query error list? ET Query current Extern Text? EV Query current event list? EX Query extern states? HS Query hydraulic status? IC Query configuration of the input signals? JB Query current print job not the name but the script! See also Script Processing? JL Query name of the currently loaded print job? MC Query basic configuration? OC Query configuration of the output signals. RS Query status? SC Query service configuration? SH Query service history?

SM Query mailing status? VS Query software version Normally queries do not have any parameters. There are the following exceptions: Command Additional Parameter? PR Parameter to specify the job parameter in question. In case a parameter is empty, the current value will not be changed. Host Par1: Number of counter used in the current job The maximum number of counters depends on the type of printer.

Please see the documentation of the script language for details. When the counter parameter "repetitions" is 0, this value is always 1. Counter value High and Low Because a counter can have up to 10 figures, there are 2 32 bit values necessary.

The counter reading is the number of printouts of the printer. Host Par1: StopAtNo After sending this parameter the printer stops the print automatically if this mail record number has been printed.

Exception is 0 default. No print stop is carried out for 0. For the query of this parameter see? Host Par1: No. Range of value: Range of value: 0 or 1 The printer has the outputs Special case: Output No. The Jet3 now controls the outputs itself again. Attention With the external control of the outputs either by initialization or by setting an output, the outputs will be changed by the printer anymore. Set output 3 to 1. Output 3 and? Host The error list is transmitted in blocks. The format of the graphic is described in the documentation of the script language.

Host The event list is transmitted in blocks.. Number of sips of ink before solvent was added pr Pressure of the pressure tank in mbar dp Diaphragma-position in the pressure tank. Non-dimensional, typically between and Host for details.

Attention: JET3 versions up to V Here X4. Host Par1: Block length in bytes With this command the printer is adjusted to send with a fix block length.


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