Please contact customerservices lexology. The transaction concerned the sale of shares in companies that solely hold immovable property, so-called real estate entities. DTZ Zadelhoff, a real estate agent, valuated immovable property, searched for an appropriate buyer and assisted in negotiating the sales price. At the time that instructions were given to DTZ Zadelhoff, it was unclear whether the ownership of the immovable property itself or the shares that represent the underlying immovable property were to be sold. The Dutch tax authorities, on the contrary, took the view that the service provided by DTZ Zadelhoff related to the transfer of immovable property and could therefore not share the exemption.

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Life span of building on Herengracht in Amsterdam extended. A smart move! By assessing the current state of the building in a methodological manner via a condition survey , our client can find out exactly where maintenance work is required.

Both now and in the future. Proper maintenance is an important characteristic of a profitable building. The long-term maintenance plan is then drawn up based on the results.

This makes it easier to manage your maintenance and investment budgets. We can also indicate where investments will need to be made in the building and its systems in the future.

Up to twenty years from now. A SGS Search maintenance plan can therefore offer you complete clarity. In the document we provide you will be able to see exactly what you can do to extend the life span of your building.

We have drawn up an extremely clear maintenance plan for the building on the Herengracht in Amsterdam. A plan that will extend the lifespan of the building at a minimum of expense and with maximum effectiveness.

A source of peace of mind and stability. For more information on condition surveys and maintenance plans please contact Bas Glaudemans. What can we do for you? Get information about our services Request information. Back to our References. Share page.


DTZ Zadelhoff



Cushman & Wakefield acquires DTZ Zadelhoff


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