German Dept. Look at this test as follows:. To begin with, click here or here if there is a problem with the. Now click here to take a item version of the test, based on a sample test provided by the Bundesministerium des Innern.

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Seit dem 1. So ist der Lernefffekt besondert hoch! With this free naturalization test Germany app you can prepare specifically for the naturalization test and thus get closer to the goal of receiving the German passport. Since September 1, , foreigners in Germany have to pass a national naturalization test to naturalize themselves. This quiz app contains basic questions of the official naturalization test of the FRG according to the status from Four answer options are given for each question, one of which is correct.

This app contains the current questions of the naturalization test for Germany, which has been called "Leben in Deutschland" since You can choose whether 10, 33, or all questions should be asked per game. The questions are asked in a random order and the answers are sorted differently with each run.

The learning effect is particularly high! The official naturalization test is 33, of which 17 have to be answered correctly in order for the test to be passed. Statistics provide an overview of the results of the last 10 test runs so that you can check your level of knowledge and your progress at any time. Reviews Review Policy. View details. Flag as inappropriate. Visit website. See more.

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Online Einbürgerungstest: Kostenlose Prüfung für jedes Bundesland



Alle 300 Fragen und Antworten zum Einbürgerungstest der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Seite 2


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