Seeing the need to supply a comprehensive, department-wide security suite of tools for DOD System Administrators, the ESSG started to gather requirements for the formation of a host-based security system in the summer of After the award, 22 pilot sites were identified to receive the first deployments of HBSS. This proved to be invaluable to easing the deployment task on the newly trained HBSS System Administrators and provided a consistent department-wide software baseline. Throughout its lifetime, HBSS has undergone several major baseline updates as well as minor maintenance releases. As new releases were introduced, these software products have evolved, had new products added, and in some cases, been completely replaced for different products. MR2 contains the following software:.

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Download our new support app to manage your open Service Requests. Business Home Support Home. March 17, Added the following references to the Protection Workspace section. Created the Protection Workspace section.

To receive email notification when this article is updated, click Subscribe on the right side of the page. You must be logged on to subscribe. McAfee investigated this issue and a solution is currently available. Include this article number in the Problem Description field. See KB for detailed information on release cycles. Issue resolutions in updates and major releases are cumulative; Technical Support recommends that you install the latest version.

EPO KB 5. EPO - 5. For details, click here. Resolution: ePO 5. Agent-server communication is impeded because the service is unavailable. Resolution: Change the compatibility level of the ePO database to or above. See the related article for details. Workaround: See the related article for more information.

Resolution: See the related article for more information. User is prompted to change their password when logging on using either Windows or Certificate authentication. User sees the error: Validation failed. Returns you back to the System Tree. An unexpected error occurred. This monitor can't be displayed due to an unrecoverable error. Issue: After you try to install ePO 5. Failed to apply update. All applied changes have been reverted. After the failed update, you are unable to log on to ePO.

The following error displays the console even though the credentials are correct. You have provided invalid credentials. Unexpected error. You are not authorized for this operation. Resolution: Make sure that the remote connection to the SQL service works.

Also, make sure that the SQL Server process is up and running on the specified port. Explanation: A limitation with how AWS handles paused and resumed pipelines causes this issue. Subsequent auto-updates send only one email. The Orion. SEC - 2. User account is associated with more than one tenancy. EPM - - 1. EPO - - 1. If you are not a registered user, click Register and complete the required fields.

Your password and logon instructions will be emailed to you. Affected Products ePolicy Orchestrator 5. Choose your region North America. Asia Pacific. Europe, Middle East, Africa. Ready to get started? Title Question? Business Home. Support Home. Added the following to the Release Information table: ePO 5.

Added the following references to the Protection Workspace section. Cumulative ePO 5. Issue: C ross-site scripting issue in ePO. KB SB Issue: McAfee Agent receives a sitelist that contains only the ePO server, and excludes all remote agent handlers. Issue: After you upgrade to ePO 5. Issue: Certain server tasks might be stuck 'in progress' until the ePO Application Server service is restarted.

Issue: The Database Index Maintenance task can get stuck 'in progress' which leads to general console slowness. Issue: Intermittent application crash on Apache service apache. Issue: Task Approval workflow becomes unresponsive in environments with a large group of permission set-based users.

Issue: The following error is seen when you view the properties of a system in ePO 5. Issue: IP sorting criteria fails and systems remain in the 'lost and found'. Issue: Threat event counts differ depending on the time unit used in single-line chart query. Issue: A backlog of uncleared data rows slows down access to System Tree.

DE events are not parsed to ePO. Issue: A missing image file in Repository Management. Audit Log. This action results in an error in the associated automatic response rule. Users are still prompted for password expiry. Issue: Server Information page does not load correctly in Japanese locale.

Issue: Installation of ePO 5. Issue: Tags are applied when they are not a match. Issue: When viewing user-based policies, McAfee ePO incorrectly reported the state of the policies applied to users of child domains. User-based policies are incorrectly reported as 'not applied', instead of showing as 'Applied'. Issue: Automatic Responses are not triggered when multiple subgroups are defined in the filter criteria.

Issue: Exporting queries show no results when exporting to PDF. The exported file is downloaded, but is 0kb. The expected header and footer are not included.

Issue: Package selections to replicate SuperAgent distributed repositories are reset to default settings when you reopen the page. Issue: Sometimes, a white screen appears when working in the Tag Catalog. Issue: Run 'Client Task Now' entries in the Server Task log can't be viewed using accounts without global administrator permissions.

Issue: Resizing browser window displaying ePO 5. EPO Issue: Unable to interact with runtime parameters when you configure a server task to run multiple similar reports. Issue: The ePO 5. Issue: Unable to import a custom ePO Server task. The following error displays during the import: An unexpected error occurred. When you try to, the security resources while Proxy is enabled, a "failed to load" error appears. Some license keys work, but some do not. Issue: Installation of Update 3 fails.

The following key errors are recorded in the Orion. When it fails to roll back, it leaves ePO in a broken state and the administrator can't log on. Events stop being processed from the ePO Server Events folder. But, that user can successfully use the Actions , Move feature. The following error displays when the drag-and-drop action fails: You are not authorized for this operation. Issue: Using a permission set-based user to modify multi-slot policy assignment results in an unexpected error.

Workaround: See the related article for details.


Host Based Security System



ePolicy Orchestrator 5.10.x Known Issues




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