Transfusion triggers: a systematic review of the literature. Review, [S. Red Cell transfusion practice following the transfusion requirements in critical care TRICC study: prospective observational cohort study in a large UK intensive care unit. Vox Sang. Blood transfusion rates in the care of acute trauma. Transfusion, [S.

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The importance of pre-transfusional serological screening in blood transfusion recipients. Cristina F. Gomes I. The samples from blood donors must be stored for six months. In these cases, the sample from the recipient is stored for ten days. Considering that some pathologies tested, when not detected in donors, can still be transmitted to the recipients and remain asymptomatic for several decades, a study of cause-effect among recipients and their respective donors is impaired.

A recent study in Brazil analyzed recipients of blood without any history of transfusion as well as eventual and multitransfused recipients. It showed an important prevalence of the pathologies transmitted by blood transfusion. The study also revealed that a high percentage of recipients that were reactive, were unaware of their serological status before their transfusion.

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N Engl J Med ; Soroprevalence of hepatitis C and B in multiple transfused Beta-thalassemics: results from a thalassemic day care unit in North India. Vox Sang ; Fernandes MFA. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Services on Demand Journal. How to cite this article.


Guia de hemocomponentes

The importance of pre-transfusional serological screening in blood transfusion recipients. Cristina F. Gomes I. The samples from blood donors must be stored for six months.



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