The Selfloading Rifle. General Information. The cartridges are fed from a round magazine. The HK 91 excels p ar ticularly bec ause of its excellent firing accuracy.

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Below has been recreated from an original HK 91 manual. Click the link below to view and download the pdf manual. The HK 91 is like the G3 a recoil operated weapon incorporating a delayed roller locked bolt system and designed for semi-automatic fire. The cartridges are fed from a round magazine. The HK 91 excels particularly because of its excellent firing accuracy.

A telescopic sight with mount can easily be attached to the already existing receiving means of the Rifle HK The HK 91 bolt is re-assembled in reverse sequence. Care should be taken with the following:. The rifle is re-assembled in reverse sequence. The locking rollers must be withdrawn in the bolt head.

Check the proper assembly of the rifle by pulling back and releasing the cocking lever several times. For cleaning , the weapon must be disassembled as stated.

The barrel must be cleaned after each firing. Each shooter will duly clean his weapon if it has not been used for a longer period.

For cleaning and preservation any sort of gun oil in normal commercial usage can be used. Prior to every shooting the barrel has to be freed from oil by a clean pull-through. The HK 91 Sights consist of the stationary front sight in the front sight holder and the rotary rear sight which is adjustable for windage and elevation. The sight cylinder with Y-notch and diopter holes is graduated from 1 — 4.

Adjusting the HK 91 Rotary Rear Sight If a re-setting is necessary, it is done only by adjustment of the rear sight in elevation or windage. Insert elevation adjustment tool in the rear sight cylinder so that the wedges of the elevation adjustment tool gear into both grooves of the rear sight cylinder. Insert cross slit screw driver into the elevation adjustment tool and depress.

Turn rear sight cylinder manually in the desired direction at clockwise rotation the point of impact is lowered, at counter-clockwise rotation it raises 3. After correction remove cross slit screw driver and elevation adjustment tool. Again the catch bolts engage in the two grooves. Point of impact to the left: loosen clamping screw.

Turn adjusting screw counter-clockwise as required. Re-tighten clamping screw. Point of impact to the right: loosen clamping screw. Note: Each revolution of the adjusting screw moves the mean point of impact at a distance of m Facebook RSS. HK 91 Stripping Bolt Assembly. HK 91 Windage Adjustment. Categories Categories Select Category. Search for:. Vortex Optics.

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HK 91 Self Loading Rifle Manual


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