A Free Day! And it has been a free day, a freewheeling kind of day. Sorry about that. Sunday found me with a group in Hebden Bridge for a day of sitting together. The day seemed so spacious with more sittings and gathering times than there would normally be on a day retreat. There even seemed to be time to spare.

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Violinista - Hojyo Takashi. Buddha Designed by Hojyo Takashi Folded by me. However, the head and belt needed a bit more work. God of Thunder Raijin designed by Hojyo Takashi - It's a boxpleated model. The origami model is inspired from Greek Mythology where Icarus, son of Daedalus, flew his way out of a prison hold in the middle of a sea by means of wings constructed by his father using feathers and wax. As a beginner I was always fascinated by this origami model but finally folded it 2 years ago with the first successful experiment of using a new type of paper which was made by me using the same technique as the one used in making double tissue paper.

It wasnt as hard as I expected it to be but the result was quite promising. Did i left anything to say? Exo Skeleton Armored Robot Basic state with controller Gaikotsu Designed by Hojyo Takashi Folded by Thomas Andika origami origamirobot hojyotakashi hojyotakashiorigami stayhome staysafe stayhealthy staycreative staycreativeathome stayproductive stayproductiveathome.

De nosotros depende que salga bien o mal!! No soy muy de hacer figuras. Pero este Buddha de hojyotakashi es el tercer intento. Y va mejorando. Mahoraga Makora Taisho designed by Hojyo Takashi - 66x cm double tissue paper This model is not that hard when it comes to collapsing, which was fairly simple and quite complicated, but the shaping is extremely tricky, difficult, and confusing.

I had to make the face by looking at all images of it so it looks just like it and I believe that I did it pretty much correctly. Since this model is interesting, it is one of my favorites. This took a long time to make. I told him not to fly too close to the sun, but did he listen? Did he? Bloody teenagers.

It's all TikTok and wanking with them, isn't it? This is folded from a single sheet of that WELL nice paper that fishcalledkatie bought me. If you wish to purchase gifts for me then this is welcomed. I enjoy peperamis and most things related to the Silver Surfer. And paper. NICE paper mind. Don't send me no A4s, yeh? Shout outz to hojyotakashi for an incredible design and marianozavalaorigami for a sweet ass tutorial.

Enjoy your Easterings, my sweet, sweet peeps. Piti opetella tekee origameja ja taso 2 oli joutsenen tekeminen. Origami Buddha, folded by me, model designed by Hojyo Takashi origami origamiart paperfolding hojyotakashi. Icarus, by Hojyo Takashi. Folded by me from a 50 cm square of Banana Paper. Folded in Never regret thy fall, O Icarus of the fearless flight For the greatest tragedy of them all Is never to feel the burning light.

This is an incredible model. One, it's not box pleated. Which is what I expected it to be, given most of Takashi's human figures are. It has a lot of"folding" and less pre-creasing, which I always enjoy. Two, the layer distribution is so well thought out.

The layers don't bunch up and are distributed evenly. Three, the model spends quite some time at the backside. You can see how the backside is also shaped, and has layers for the dress, which gives it a complete look. Because the model is symmetrical, it is possible to shape both the limbs as wings, and make Icarus in flight, before tha fall as it were. But then it wouldn't be him.

Folded from a single square of paper, this is one of the models I had been intending to fold since whenever but didn't think I could with the paper size I had. Especially since my mum loves Buddha and this was a gift for her. Unlit pic. Backlit from beneath. Backlit from behind. Sometimes, I find the process of selecting pictures more cumbersome than actually folding the model so it was a big help. About Us. Remove Content. Privacy Policy.


Hojyo Takashi - Buddha Origami

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up. Clearly, from Step 71, I'm pulling paper around to cover the front of the wrist, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to flip the paper around and leave the rest of the hand the same. What am I missing?

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hojyo takashi - buddha


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