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Dihedral reflector, all aluminium parts. Easy disassembly for fast coaxial to incorporate a filter. Wind of the arm: 24 cm. Omnidirectional terrestrial reception FM band II. Heigh 90cm. Thickness 1,5 mm 5 TOR Trestle-power 2. Top end adapted for housing the point mast 3 BTA Screwed, triangular fixed base side mm.

APBM Ref. Suitable for both household requirements and for collective housing, they are the perfect solution for managing signals of different frequencies and amplitudes.

Wall fixing and indoor mounting. Grounding terminal. Adjacent channel operation allowed in UHF band. Programmable values by micro-switches. Capacity: 5 modules BAS Base plate with power connecting bar. Length Mains lead with bipolar plug.

Electrical safety protection level Class II. Insertable power cord with bipolar plug. F type connectors. ATPC60 Ref. Ideal for hotels and dense multiple dwelling units. Operation shown by led.

Mains lead insertable in connection socket. Selection of return signal attenuation by the insertion of small plug-in links provided. Wall fixing. Indoor mounting. F connectors. F type connection. At Output loop-through loss dB 1. The base-plates with CAM can be joined horizontally.

Event description EIT Yes ex. IF SAW filtering. Adjacent channel operation at input and output. Dimensions mm x x 32 - One or more rack-frames or wall fixing base plates. The base plates can be joined horizontally. The TPC headends provide a TV multichannel signal whose level is appropriate to feed the distribution network. An extension input at the HPA amplifier allows easy coupling of the wideband MHz signal provided by another existing headend. The product also allows the user to change various parameters of the regenerated COFDM stream at the Selectable output channel located between: MHz 47 - output.

Consumption mA - Housing units for the base plates if required. The base-plates can be joined horizontally. Output loop-through loss dB 1. General - If the headend is voluminous, one or more AMX combiners.

Adjacent channel operation. Any selectable TV channel within the MHz band. PLL frequency synthesized. Conversion of three channels.

DC connector type banana socket - Usually, housing units for the base-plates. NIT table can be adapted to the new network created. Input RF connector type 2x female F - Usually, housing units for the base-plates. Web, Ikusi Headend Discovery, Wizard assistant maintenance. It is executed by turning Firmware upgrade Web interface slave into Master or entering from the general menu.

Its high output current capacity 9A means it must be used with a high current plug bridge, supplied with all IKUSI ClassA devices and vital in ins- tallations that demand more than 5A see picture. Other differentiating characteristics are its high efficiency and the fact that it implements a power factor corrector to optimize mains consumption.

The AMX is a Consumption mA 4-input combiner that has been designed to combine up to 24 channels 6 channels per input. Cable connection to the DB-9 front panel socket. Numerical and function keys. User friendly software selectable language: english, spanish, french. Built-in diagnostic and error identification. Module firmware update. Powered through the interface lead max consumption: mA.

Easy integration in standard 19" BAS Base plate. Capacity: 9 modules. Dimensions: xx24 mm. SMR racks. Capacity: 7 modules. BAS Base plate. Housing for 1 BAS Dimensions: xx mm.

OMR rack-frame. Interface web Ikusi Headend Discovery v1. Management interface USB 2. Fitted with DiSEqC. Also, it cam be done through the Ethernet port. Additionally, the HTA has an extension input that facilitates coupling RF and Test connectors Female F of the signal provided by another existing headend.

Backplane 2. Coaxial and IPTV outputs. All solutions in one! Security management module. Double tuner. Universal Input module. Auto Scan: Discovers all the services in the. Manages streams coming from any input and. CAM restoration in case of decryption failure. Output module. Encodes 4 x HDMI input signals. Quad Universal and Multistandard output.

Full HD quality. Four carriers in 8K. Output level: 78 to dbuV. Power supply for the platform. Complete internal management. More efficiency: Half-Bridge topology. Local and remote management. Thermal protection to protect against external cooling failures. Guided installation through a wizard. Power factor corrector. Spare modules support for redundancy. Redundant power supply. Ensuring uninterrupted power in the event of failure of one of the two.


IPR Set-Top box (STB) for IPTV.

You can exercise your rights via the following email address: privacity ikusi. For more information about the handling of your data and your rights click on the privacy policy. Remote management It allows remote access and control. High density It efficiently optimises the band width giving the best response in the worst settings. Content protection It protects the content from the source to the viewing device.


IPR Set-Top box (STB) for IPTV.



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