J Optimizer provides Java developers with a comprehensive environment for optimizing application performance and managing application quality throughout the development lifecycle of Java SE and Java EE applications. Key features include the ability to profile memory and CPU usage, display real-time threading information, determine executed and non-executed lines of code, and obtain detailed code audits and metrics data. Pricing for J Optimizer varies based on license type, whether you are purchasing a new or upgrade license. Please visit the Embarcadero online store, contact Embarcadero Sales at , or search our Partner Directory to locate an authorized Embarcadero Reseller in your area. For more information on each of these license types, please visit the Embarcadero Licensing Options page on our Web site.

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The module is devoted to the presentation of object-oriented programming basics of Java. Studenci familiar with the use of standard libraries AWT and Swing. Students learn programming techniques on selected development environment.

Implementation of the training takes place during lectures and laboratory exercises. Java Programming Language. Language basics, variables, operators, expressions, blocs, data types,.

Nested classes, inner classes. Enum types, annotations. Generic Types. Processes and Threads. Delegation event model. Writing event listeners, implementing listeners for commonly handled events. Examples of low-level and semantic events, mouse and key events, action and item events. Applets, methods for drawing, Java sound. Using containers and components, layout managers. Swing - use Menu, make Dialogs,. HTML and Swing. Networking Basics. Java EE, Web Applications. Java Servlet Technology.

JavaServer Pages Technology. Technlogy JAXB, marshal, unmarshal. Generic classes, interfaces. Enum Types.

Java ME. Java Android programming. Horstmann, G. Cornell - Java 2. Podstawy - Wydawnictwo Helion, Gliwice. Techniki zaawansowane - Wydawnictwo Helion, Gliwice. Grochala - Java aplikacje bazodanowe - Wydawnictwo Helion, Gliwice. Skip to main menu Skip to submenu Skip to content.

Print syllabus. Choosen plan division: this week course term. Course descriptions are protected by copyright. Reset Password You are not logged in log in.

Department of Electrodynamics and Electrical Machine Systems. I-go st. Java Programming Language application, applet, servlet, doclet, midlet. Language basics, variables, operators, expressions, blocs, data types, arrays.

Java 2D. Bibliography used during lectures C. The student who completed the module. The ways of veryfing every mentioned outcome of teaching.

Simple to program client applications using object-oriented programming techniques. Assessment methods and assessment criteria:. Choosen plan division: this week course term see course schedule. Laboratory, 15 hours more information Lecture, 30 hours more information. Jan Prokop. Laboratory, 15 hours more information Lecture, 25 hours more information.


Java programming





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