A random and self-weighted sample of women aged in 32 urban communes of the metropolitan region were interviewed in November Only 2. At the time of the survey 6. Only 7. The data for the survey are still under analysis and all statistics are provisional. Regiones metropolitanas binacionales en el Mercosur.

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A random and self-weighted sample of women aged in 32 urban communes of the metropolitan region were interviewed in November Only 2. At the time of the survey 6. Only 7. The data for the survey are still under analysis and all statistics are provisional.

Regiones metropolitanas binacionales en el Mercosur. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. In the context of the megamarkets supported the most competitiveness microregions and their tendency toward growing trade within the economic bloc along with new intra- regional currents of external investment, the article demonstrates the marked industrial profile of that trade.

The dominance of intermediate and capital goods among these reciprocal imports shows that the economies within Mercosur complement each other in production. Los resultados encontrados sonrobustos a estimaciones por tipo de vivienda y subperiodos muestrales. The cases were defined as children under 1 year of age who had died from pneumonia in in the Metropolitan Region of Chile Greater Santiago. The controls were children who survived after being hospitalized with pneumonia during.

Abstract: The formation of large cities hasgenerated interests no longer locals, reaching a regionalcharacter. This managementis essential for achieving the sustainability,generating a development that is possible to providea decent quality of life for present and futuregenerations. Tres tipos de transformaciones merecen destacarse. The profound. Propolis has long been used as a popular folk medicine due to its wide spectrum of alleged biological and pharmaceutical properties.

In Chile , propolis is widely used by folklore medicine as an anti-inflammatory agent; however, this property has not been demonstrated by scientific methods. Nitric oxide NO measurements were determined spectrophotometrically Greiss reagent by the accumulation of nitrite in the medium of macrophages RAW The content of total phenols and flavonoids were determined through the methods of Folin-Ciocalteau and AlCl3, respectively.

Regarding the release of NO, all the extracts from the Buin propolis inhibited significantly its release in a concentration-dependent manner, this inhibition was stronger than the extracts from Caleu propolis. Our research shows for the first time a comparative study of the topical in vivo activity of two Chilean propolis.

Both propolis showed in vivo. The background notes on Chile provide a statistical summary of the population, geography, government, and the economy, and more descriptive text on the history, population, government, economy, defense, and foreign relations.

In brief, Chile has The major city is Santiago. The government, which gained independence in , is a republic with executive, legislative, and judicial branches. There are 12 regions. There are 6 major political parties. Suffrage is universal at 18 years. Copper, timber, fish, iron ore, nitrates, precious metals, and molybdenum are its natural resources. Congressional representation is made on the basis of elections by a unique binomial majority system. Principal government officials are identified.

Chile has a diversified free market economy and is almost self-sufficient in food production. The US is a primary trading partner. Chile maintains diplomatic relations with 70 countries, however, relations are strained with Argentina and Bolivia. Chile is a long miles , narrow miles at widest point country sandwiched between the Andes mountains and the Pacific. The northern desert is rich in copper and nitrates; the temperate middle region is agricultural and supports the major cities, including Santiago, the capital, and the port of Valparaiso; and the southern region is a cold and damp area of forests, grasslands, lakes, and fjords.

The country is divided into 12 administrative regions. Chile 's population of Literacy is Infant mortality is Chile was settled by the Spanish in and attached to the Viceroyalty of Peru. Independence was won in under the leadership of Bernardo O'Higgins. In the s Chile extended its sovereignty over the Strait of Magellan in the south and areas of southern Peru and Bolivia in the north. An officially parliamentary government, elected by universal suffrage, drifted into oligarchy and finally into a military dictatorship under Carlos Ibanez in Constitutional government was restored in The Christian Democratic government of Eduardo Frei inaugurated major reforms, including land redistribution, education, and far-reaching social and economic policies.

A Marxist government under Salvador Allende lasted from to when the present military government of General Pinochet Ugarte took power, overthrew Allende, abolished the Congress, and banned political parties.

It has moved the country in the direction of a free market economy but at the cost of systematic violations of human rights. A new constitution was promulgated in , and congressional elections have been scheduled for October, The social reforms of the. Triassic volcanic units in coastal region of Antofagasta, northern Chile. U-Pb geochronological evidence of a Middle to Late Triassic volcanic event was found in the coastal region of Antofagasta, northern Chile 23 o o Two new ages were obtained from rhyolitic tuffs and an associated dome, which have classically been attributed to the Jurassic La Negra Formation au.

Regiones -commodities: Crisis y contagio en Chile. The hypothesis of a new dualism between a sub-global capital city and its "commodities regions " underlies the study of the differential impact of the three last international crises on the regions of Chile. This impact is quantified through four indicators: product, employment, foreign investment and exports, and their variability allow the verification of the dissimilar vulnerability of each region and its dissimilar exposure to the risk of crisis contamination.

The study is based on a conceptual frame that states that crisis continue to be more regional -like than global, and that there is a real geography of contamination. On the other hand, this study shows empirical evidence which makes it possible to verify: 1 the.

Promotion and regional development. Implementation of regional productive development agencies. The case of Maule region , Chile. Full Text Available The Regional Productive Development Agencies implemented in Chile in , were developed as a way to answer the longing desire to territorially decentralize, and that the own Regions be whom define their future.

The Agencies have the responsibility to develop innovation and productive development Agendas in participative processes, which means with public, academic and private actors. Also, the Agencies have the mission to implement Competitive Improvement Plans-PMC clusters in prioritized economic sectors by the own region. These PMC are leaded by private actors in each sector.

Fundamentado en un marco conceptual que sostiene Full Text Available The rural area of the Santiago Metropolitan Region is a combination of natural, social, economic and technical factors that give origin to several territories. In these cases the study allowed us to shed light upon and discuss several important points regarding the territorial approach to water resources and water management in a model that favors the actions of private parties, such as: the extension of the agricultural use of the water resources, the conflicts and problems over its control and the resulting water territories that have come about as a result of the various assessments of a liberal management system.

This has been done with the intention of contributing, from a Geographical point of view, thoughts geared towards achieving a comprehensive and sustainable management of the water resources in Chile. The objective was "to study the impact of the growth in tourism. El Chile de las regiones : una historia inconclusa. Full Text Available The Chilean regions have a history that dates back several decades since the first attempts to establish regionalization in the fifties, until the Regional Governments were installed in Nevertheless, the critical reading of the regionalization process and decentralization show that beyond many advances, we are still far from representing a country with a unitary decentralized state model.

In this work, the most important milestones of the Chilean institutional development are revised at a regional scale, in order to establish the level of advance and the overdue challenges on this subject in the country. Deuterium content on surface waters VI to X Chile regions. One important parameter on any sitting study for a heavy water plant installation is the deuterium content of the feed water.

Deuterium data on surface waters from differents areas located in the south of Chile , are presented. These results allow to idently some potential areas for a future heavy water plant.

One of these areas, Lago Llanquihue, was sampled more in detail to study the vertical distribution and spatial variations. Regiones ganadoras y regiones perdedoras en el retorno de la democracia en Chile : poderes locales y desequilibrios territoriales. Full Text Available Abstract The author discusses the regional policies implemented in Chile since the 's, emphasizing the practices of the last governments, where an important process of transition has occurred in regional matters Aylwin, ; Frei, The analysis is centered on political and economical dimensions, allowing the author to propose a new definition on the fonctionning of the region in Chile , in the frame of globalization processes, introducing a critical question on the traditional territorial equilibrium which is practiced today.

A typology of female sex work in the Metropolitan Region of Santiago, Chile. In Chile , sex work takes place covertly in a variety of venues and locations. Formative research using time-location sampling methods is important in order to understand the nature of this diversity. This study used qualitative methods to develop a typology of female sex work in the Metropolitan Region of Santiago, Chile , using semi-structured interviews, focus groups and ethnographic fieldwork during visits to sex work venues.

The study identified seven types of venue, which reflect the context and regulatory framework of the country and the structural vulnerabilities that affect female sex workers in Chile.

Formative research methods were helpful in identifying and characterising the venues and locations in which sex work occurred. Barriers to accessing and mapping specific locations were also identified. Recommendations for addressing these barriers include working with non-governmental organisations to map venues and initiate contact with the populations of interest. A comprehensive typology of sex work in the Metropolitan Region of Santiago, Chile , is an essential element for future time-location sampling and bio-behavioural research in the context of second-generation surveillance for HIV and sexually transmitted infections in Chile.

The authors aim to discuss the propensity or intention to create enterprise among university students in the region of Antofagasta, Chile , and to analyze the factors that influence the step from desire to intention. The data were analyzed by binary logistical regression.

The results show that curriculum is among theā€¦. The megadrought in central Chile : impacts on regional hydroclimate and vegetation. Although intense 1- or 2-year droughts are recurrent in this Mediterranean-like region , the ongoing event stands out because of its longevity and large extent.

The extraordinary character of the so-called central Chile megadrought MD was established against century long historical records and a millennial tree-ring reconstruction of regional precipitation.



The bridge has an overall width of 26 m. The ghosts in the three novels will be classified accordingly, and then discussed within the context of the novels in which they appear. Interview by Christo Hall. Playing Super Mario 64 increases hippocampal grey matter in older adults.


Liceos ejemplares en contexto de pobreza

A variational approach to the metal-insulator transition is proposed which combines the Mott and Gutzwiller-Brinkman-Rice aspects of the localization. He became a musician, composer and poet and he tried many different genres of music: No esperamos a la fecha de inicio de clases, marchamos ahora para decirle: We present here some peculiarities of the daily variation as observed for fourteen years Lasdy, these family strategies tried to consolidate the domination that the lineage had on Segovia. The results of analyses of the airborne gamma radiation and total magnetic field survey flown for the region identified as the San Antonio National Topographic Map NH are presented. Marioa marginal figure and seemingly the least intelligent, played the role of group instigator, both in the initiation of sexually abusing the child, as well as in the elimination of an inconvenient witness. Only a single species of Pentastomida Raillietiella mottae was found parasitizing three females M. Due to limited resources within its own country, the energy system of Chile depends on natural gas imports preferential from Argentina. The final solution has been that of a prestressed concrete bridge deck, supported by reinforced concrete piles on a foundation of plates or piles.


I discuss the recent claims made by Mario Bunge on the philosophical implications of the discovery of gravitational waves. The ghosts in the three novels will be classified accordingly, and then discussed within the context of the novels in which they appear. Until recently it was the longest bridge in the country and distinguishes itself by the elegance and slenderness of its longer arches and by the deep foundation system used to construct the four central bridge piers. Pietro Antonio Tomasello de Padua: Inquiry-oriented pedagogy, such as problem-based instruction, holds great promise for both teaching physics content and representing the process of doing real science. Owing to the large torsional moments, the bridge consists of seven T section beams, to reduce the weight and the number of prestressing cables.

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