Masho But is it random? Although the family seemed normal, Kate knows that every family can harbor dark secrets. I like the fact that the series takes place in a small Pennsylvania town in rural Amish country, where the police chief is female and was brought up Amish, til a life changing experience caused her to cease living as a member of the Amish community. Hai dimenticato la password? Kindle Direct Publishing Pubblica i tuoi libri in formato elettronico.

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See Featured Authors Answering Questions. To ask other readers questions about La lunga notte , please sign up. Answered Questions 4. Is this book as graphic in the violence as the first book? I liked the characters and the plot, but I felt the violence was too graphic and repeated more than needed to get the point across.

Is this book the same? Example: myself, I found the book to be extremely violent and the descriptions of said violence very graphic, BUT, the story of what happened in this book demands respect in the telling of it and would not be whole or the same if treated or told with gentle, broad words. What happened was violent, horrific, and altering to those encountering it. Again, subjective. I am new to this book series. Do I need to read them in order? Thank you.

Anne I'm new to this author also, I think they can be read alone, but having read the first one, I have a better sense of heroine and her story.. I'd sugge …more I'm new to this author also, I think they can be read alone, but having read the first one, I have a better sense of heroine and her story.. I'd suggest trying to read in order. Good but gruesome. This is my first book with this author and it kept me turning pages fast and long.

She succeeded in keeping me guessing, giving me enough clues to come to my own conclusions, then enjoyably comparing those conclusions in the end. One clue I clung to in this book was the use of speaker wire for tying up a victim.

Why was this evidence deemed important at the front of the story not used in the rest of the story? Lori I also attached some importance to the wire. This question contains spoilers… view spoiler [Warning spoiler question!

I love this series but I'm a little confused about this specific book. I'm on my 2nd read of it. Can anyone help me list all the suspects?

Tod Long- lives in trailer park. Kills himself and was accomplice. Claims to have found Amish hex symbols. Carolina Imhof This answer contains spoilers… view spoiler [ I was quite confused towards the end as well.

Here's my list: James Hackett Payne 29 - Amish hater, artist. Scott Barbereaux - coffee deliverer. Black G …more I was quite confused towards the end as well. Tod went to school with Scott. He has a Black BMW. Unanswered Questions 3. It was obvious when they found one guy, the basic thing they should have done and rather suspected is to check with alibi why he lied.

It was a big plothole. Or did I miss something? In almost the beginning, with all the bodies found and most of them being bound, I was quite sure that more than one killer must have been involved. Yet experienced law enforcement didn't think of it until much later. Why is that? Very little was said about the death of the mother and baby. She was shot in the back while carrying the baby and running away.

We learned that one bullet killed them both. Later we learned that the bullet was found inside the mother's body. So how could that bullet kill the baby and yet be found inside the mother? Ask and answer questions about books!

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La lunga notte




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