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Given the falling price of memory, it is now possible to port an entire collection of music within a device that weighs only a few ounces. Being able to listen to music on the go is one advantage, however, not everybody has the opportunity to don earphones and zone out the rest of the world.

This device will dock your iPod, charge it, and play the contents via two 80 watt RMS speakers. How did this unit perform? Read on as we put the AudioStation to the test! It looks cool. The black exterior give the AudioStation a contemporary feel, and the low blue backlit display adds to the "futuristic feel". The specs speak for themselves. Quick and dirty. Next, select the correct dock adapter for your iPod, insert iPod and go. Control of the iPod is either via the the device itself, or via the AudioStation remote.

This part of the setup is simple and intuitive. Setting radio stations is slightly more involved, and I relied on the manual for this particular feature. Press and hold source for 1 sec, then arrow scroll through the band to search for a particular frequency. Retrieving stations is a multi-tier process also: change the tuner mode to "preset" then use the arrow scroll to select the station. Tuner mode is changed via pressing and hold "Select" for 1 second. One thing I noticed, I had to keep reminding myself to put the unit into preset, otherwise it would just scan rather than move to the next station.

Mildly annoying. Here are some more:. Note, speaker grilles installed. Side-long glance. Not much to it, it fits comfortably on a coffee table or desk. No tangled web of wires here. A close-up of the rear. Note antennae ports plus video out and power.

Aux allows you to use an item such as an external BlueTooth receiver not included. Select is used to store presets and change tuner mode, source switches between radio bands, aux and iPod. Nice and sleek. Sound was fairly decent, and although no EQ is present, the following attributes can be adjusted: bass, treble, 3D Stereo.

Bass and treble tailor the respective sound qualities as desired, 3D Stereo consists of a proprietary feature that widens the sound, and can be toggled via the remote.

I would recommend switching this on, it makes a BIG difference. Other features: the backlit display brightness can be adjusted, as with the iPod backlight. Video pass-thru is also available, however, an S-video cable is not included. Purchase a cable separately and you are able to broadcast your iPod video or photos to a near-by TV screen. There is a pretty solid name behind the product, Logitech have been in this business for a few years now. The site has a vast Knowledge Base , and the manual which ships with the unit has a fairly decent troubleshooting guide.

This device is compatible with older gen iPods, 5th gen iPod Video, and aluminum iPod nanos. Adapters ship with the AudioStation to ensure a snug fit. My only real gripes with this otherwise great unit was the menu layout, specifically, the radio menu. I found having to change tuner mode a wee bit cumbersome, and would have preferred a three-way switch over the touchpad. I realize this would take away from the "cool factor", but functionality should always come first in my books.

The other deterrent: price. It may seem expensive. Value Ease of Use Features. A great addition to the coffee table if you can get past the price tag. Once the menu layout has been committed to memory, use is fairly straight forward, albeit a tad cumbersome; I found myself reaching for the manual on more than one occasion.

Sound is rich and full, especially with the 3D Stereo feature on. The backlit display is easy on the eyes and rounds out the great design of this device. You May Also Like. It delivers on the promises and does the job with consistency and an extremely long battery life. Android Phones. This iPhone 13 prototype is reportedly among many other models that are currently being…. The labels will appear alongside pages, ads and posts in the News Feed to make people….

We have new information that suggests that the upcoming Moto Razr 2 may arrive with….


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