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Please upgrade to Cram Premium to create hundreds of folders! To provide guidance and regulations concerning awards available for recognizing individuals and units in the Naval Service. Awards may be established through laws passed by Congress, by Executive Order, or by directives issued by who?

All Department of the Navy recommendations for the establishment of a new award must be addressed via the chain of command to who?

All new awards require coordination and concurrence from the Institute of Heraldry who ensures what? That all decorations, medals, and service ribbons are developed in accordance with regulations and do not duplicate previously authorized designs.

Commanding Officers authorized to award the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement and Commendation Medal are not allowed to award what device with those award unless specifically delegated to? How many awards can be awarded for the same act, achievement, or period of meritorious service for any individual or unit?

True or False: A classified award recommendation must include an unclassified proposed citation? True or False: Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps NROTC midshipman are eligible for awards for which they may qualify for when serving under orders on active duty, but not for periods spent as full-time college students? True or False: Naval personnel permanently assigned to other service commands may accept, retain and wear personal non-combat awards, Meritorious Service Medal and below, tendered by the other service?

The Legion of Merit and above and all combat awards must be processed through the DON for concurrence. Concurrences may be given by who? True or False: Naval personnel may accept, retain and wear Commendation and Achievement Medals directly from the other service to which assigned, without DON concurrence? Recommendations for Silver Star Medals and above must be forwarded via who to who for final concurrence?

True or False: Naval Personnel temporarily assigned to another Service in a non-combat area are not authorized to accept, retain, or wear another service's award? Who are the approval authorities for the awarding of the Legion of Merit and above and all combat awards for other service personnel permanently assigned to DON?

For other service personnel temporarily assigned to DON in support of combat operations, the award must be processed in accordance with the members parent service awards policy of the DON's service awards policy? Other U. Armed services personnel are eligible to receive any of the military decorations listed from DON except what 2 military decorations?

From what year forward has U. Merchant Marine service? When did commissioned officers of the U. Public Health Service USPHS , become eligible for military awards and decorations on the same basis as officers of the military service?

Who has to approve a military ribbon, medal or decoration awarded to an officer of the USPHS before it can be awarded to the member? What website provides information regarding awards available to all federal government civilians? Where can the precedence of U. What prohibits and imposes a suitable penalty for the unauthorized wear, manufacture, or sale of any decoration, medal, or ribbon which has been or may be authorized by the armed forces of the U.

What is the size of the star that is authorized for wear on a unit, campaign, service and engagement awards? What is authorized for wear on the Navy Rifle and Pistol Marksmanship ribbon bars for personnel who qualify as Sharpshooters? The Bronze "V" is the Combat Distinguishing Device, which may only be worn if specifically authorized in the what?

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Upgrade Cancel. Study your flashcards anywhere! How to study your flashcards. Play button. Card Range To Study through. What manual provides guidance for defense and Joint awards? Where is the Institute of Heraldry located? Fort Belvoir, VA Who retains awarding authority for all awards under his purview? Awarding authority for the Combat Distinguished Device must be specifically delegated by who?

The Combat Distinguishing Device The Medal of Honor is approved and awarded by who? By the President, in the name of Congress The Combat Action Ribbon may be approved and awarded by who?

Awards are intended to recognize Sailors and Marines who demonstrate what? Exceptional valor, heroism, or meritorious service. Only one award True All Navy CNO-level classified awards must be mailed where for processing? Concurrence authority is restricted and is always specifically delegated in what? Writing The member's parent service awards policy Appendix B to Chapter 1 in the awards manual Code U. Section What is the size of the star that is authorized for wear on a Naval personal decoration?

What is the size of the star that is authorized for wear on miniature medals? For subsequent personal Naval decorations, gold stars are authorized for wear for what numbers? The 2nd through the 5th, 7th through 10th, 12th and so forth.

Silver stars are worn in lieu of multiples of how many gold stars? Five gold stars What is authorized for wear on the Navy "E" ribbon for the first, second and third awards? What is authorized for wear on the Navy "E" ribbon for four or more awards?

One wreathed "E" centered on the ribbon bar. The award citation Cram has partnered with the National Tutoring Association Claim your access. Ready To Get Started? Follow Facebook Twitter.


Secnavinst 1650.1H Navy And Marine Corps Awards Manual

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Military Rank, Insignia, Awards, Seals, Ceremonies


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