By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. I am configuring a field validator for a Linux install but none of the field validators appear to be working. Here is an example taken from the official izpack documentation which I have copy and pasted into my userInputSpec.

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IzPack Ation Manual manual manual manual. Problem b. Solution c. Discussion 2. IzP ack Documentation. F or eword. This documentation is a collectiv e work that recei v ed man y inputs ov er the years from. W e tried to keep it as up-to-date as possible despite a fe w source format changes. For ew ord 1. W elcome to IzPack! The Features The Dev elopment Getting started 8. Overvie w Installation of IzPack On W indo ws First Compilation How to de v elop and deb ug IzPack using Eclipse The IzPack architecture The compilation system How an installer w orks The different kinds of installers Installers for older vm versions What Y ou Need Y our editor Writing XML V ariable Substitution The Built-In V ariables En vironment V ariables Dynamic V ariables Parse T ypes The IzPack Elements Built-in conditions Internationalization of the PacksP anel XInclude-style constructs The fallback element The xfragment element The A vailable Panels PacksP anel ImgPacksP anel T reePacksP anel T argetP anel DefaultT argetPanel JDKPathP anel UserPathP anel Advanced featur es Apache Ant integration System properties as variables Automated Installers Console headless installers Picture on the Language Selection Dialog Picture in the installer Modifying the GUI Modifying Language Selection Dialog Modifying IzPack P anels Using a Separated Heading Panel Alternativ e Cancel Dialog Logging the Installation W eb Installers More Internationalization Special resources V alidators for Packs Automatic privile ges ele v ation on W indows Desktop Shortcuts What to Add to the Installer Why Nati ve Code to do the Job on W indows?

Shortcut Attributes Selectiv e Creation of Shortcuts Localizing shortcuts ApplicationShortcutPath Builtin V ariable Shortcut T ips The Desktop T argets Command Line T rouble Shooting Problems Y ou Can Solve Problems That Hav e No Solution yet Creating Y our Own P anels How to get started Next Steps Access to the V ariable Substitution System Controlling Flow Reading XML Supporting Classes Panels that are not visible A word about b uilding IzPack The IzPanel Class The Internationalization of custom panels User Input Panel T itle Static T ext V isual Separation T ext Input Radio Buttons Combo Box Check Box Password Field File Field Multiple File Field


Creating Your Own Panels

The current legacy release is IzPack 4. We encourage you to migrate to the latest release IzPack 5. Launching an IzPack-based installer is easy. On most operating systems, a double-click on the Jar file icon will do. Otherwise, you may need to launch it from a shell command:. If you are interested in the source code then please have a look at the instructions for obtaining it from Git.



IzPack is an open source tool that allows you to create flexible Java-based graphical and command-line installers. This version of the plugin replaces an SBT 0. The biggest difference between the two versions of the plugin is the configuration syntax. The previous SBT 0. However, switching from a previous configuration to this new one requires rewriting your configuration. Rather than craft a clumsy way to invoke IzPack via the command line, I wrote this plugin so I could invoke it directly from within SBT. I dislike the whole trend of using XML as a configuration file format.


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IzPack can be easily integrated inside an Ant build process. To do so you first need to tell Ant that you would like to use IzPack:. If you want to use the standalone compiler and therefore don't need an IzPack installation for building , the task needs to be defined as follows:. Instead of using the 'install' attribute to specify an external installation document, you can embed the installation config as a child of the IzPack task using a config child element with a CDATA section. For example:. Properties with null values are never stored.

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