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Mormon Life. As a missionary, my favorite part of the day was the hour I had in the morning to do personal study. During those 18 months, I read many inspiring talks from apostles and prophets, and since then our Church leaders have continued to give inspiring messages on the topic. But the following five are still my favorites and helped me the most on my mission. Holland When a missionary comes home after a long and hard day, they can read this and realize the love the Savior has for them as a missionary.

This talk is what got me through the hard times. It saved me! I recommend that every missionary have a hard copy of this. Salvation never was easy. How could we believe it would be easy for us when it was never, ever easy for Him? It seems to me that missionaries and mission leaders have to spend at least a few moments in Gethsemane.

Missionaries and mission leaders have to take at least a step or two toward the summit of Calvary. No other talk has changed my life quite like this one. I would read it at the start of every transfer and evaluate what I could do better the next transfer to become more like the fourth missionary.

Holland This talk will give missionaries perspective on what conversion and activity in the Church requires. I especially love this talk because Elder Holland is talking about his experiences in Chile where I served my mission , but the principles are powerful for every missionary. We stay in the boat, through squalls and stills, through storms and sunburn, because that is the only way to the Promised Land.

Monson Focusing on what a missionary has instead of what they lack will transform each missionary and allowed them to focus on others. I read this talk at the hardest part of my mission and it allowed me to forget what I was lacking and instead focus on what I was grateful for.

Holland This talk will help missionaries forget their inadequacies, the difficulty of the language, and the other trials in the mission field. I read this talk every week of my mission. Often while walking the streets of Chile, the words of this talk would come to mind and helped me to continue to work hard despite disappointments and trials.

None of that matters. It will not matter. God loves you and this is the truth and you can do it! Just reach down, pull up your socks, and go to work. This is a time for you to go out. I plead with you. I plead with you, in the case of the Elders, to have a month mission! Not 23, not 22, not 19, not 16, not 14…to have a month mission! Sisters, have an month mission—not 15, not 11, not 6. Start fast. Run hard, and to the tape!

You can rest later. Find more missionary tips and stories from Aubrey at her blog, gospelgirlrm. As you explore Alma 5—7 , here are some keywords from gospel teachers to spur discussion with your families or study groups.

We hope these prompts, in addition to the Come, Follow Me manual , will enhance your understanding of these chapters. So how do children learn about financial principles needed as adults? An article in the June Ensign details seven gospel-related principles parents can use to teach their children about money.

Elder Joseph B. Teach your children while they are young Cook and Gary E. Stevenson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles are eager to remind Latter-day Saints of the importance of the restoration of the priesthood. Written from the perspectives of loved ones, teachers, and those with special needs, the articles share insights on focusing on individuals rather than their challenges and on bringing the Spirit into every situation.

Special Lessons Elder Paul B. Pieper of the Seventy and his wife, Melissa T. Pieper, said there are special lessons they have learned from having a child with special needs. We can be more loving. We can feel more whole as we see each other as God sees us.

People say we should be competitive, fierce, that we should be powerful—even overbearing. And so we continue to separate, divide, [and] go our own ways, when the one thing In studying how Latter-day Saint food has evolved over the years, Holbrook notes that our food traditions are more complex than we often give them credit for and involve mental, theological, scientific, and historical work.

Everything from the Word of Wisdom to food storage to self-reliance and a What was the greatest battle fought in the Book of Mormon? Robin Johnson - I have spent many years trying to heal my heart due to challenges I faced in my childhood. In my search for answers, I decided to read and study the entire Book of Mormon in one month. We abhor the reality that some would deny others respect and the most basic of freedoms because of the color of his or her skin. Number of temples opened for husband-wife sealings grows from 66 to An updated list of temples in the first phase of reopening is included below.

Whether you are looking for something useful, practical, or sentimental, we've tailored a list of all of our favorites that are sure to put a smile on his face.

Fathers of the Prophets This book can help a father in your life better understand the importance of his role and calling as a father. In a world where the role of fatherhood is increasingly maligned, marginalized, and even dismissed, this book highlights the irreplaceable role of fathers in the lives of the chosen servants of the Lord and in the lives of Comments and feedback can be sent to feedback ldsliving.

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Lawrence E. Corbridge

RSS Feed. Hello family and friends! Sorry that my email is a day late. This week has been a life changing week for me! I have found probably my favorite talk in existence! The talk is called The Fourth Missionary.


5 Talks That Helped Me on My Mission (And Could Help Your Missionary, Too)


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