Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Lafayette, La. Page 4 GPS antenna.

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Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Lafayette, La. Page 4 GPS antenna. Select Browse then navigate to and select the attached license file, obtained from C-Nav Support.

Page 8: Subscription Activation Notes C-Nav User Guide Subscription Activation Notes Entering a new authorization code when the unit already has an active authorization will cancel the current authorization. This may not be a problem if the new code overlaps the old code, however, if your new subscription does not start for some time after the old subscription, you should not enter the new code until the old subscription has expired.

Alternate Method If you do not have the latest C-Nav software, you can deactivate service by doing the following: C-Setup or C-Monitor While communicating with the receiver via the Page C-Navigator Code found in the attached file then select Apply. An 8-digit Cancel Verify Code will appear if the cancellation code was entered correctly. Subscription Deactivation Notes: With the latest C-Nav software versions, entering a cancel code will stop your subscription immediately.

Page 12 Data Page 13 Standard Antenna Radiation Pattern B-3 L-band Antenna Specifications B-4 L-band Antenna Radiation Pattern B-6 Airborne Antenna Dimensions C-1 Description C-1 Infrastructure C-2 Reliability Page 14 Certificate of Registration E-1 Certificate of Type Approval F-1 Appendix G Glossary G-1 Abbreviations G-1 Definitions G-5 Appendix H Index Page Notices Translation in any language is prohibited without the expressed written consent of the copyright holders.

All other products and brand names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: 1. This device may not cause harmful interference, 2. This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

Department of Commerce requires that all exportable GPS products contain performance limitations so that they cannot be used in a manner that could threaten the security of the United States. Note indicates additional information to make better use of the product.

This symbol means Reader Be Careful. Page Related Documents Describes the control and output data message formats utilized by this instrument for customer programming purposes; contact cnav. A fault or failure description will be required before C-Nav will issue an RMA number that must be used to identify and track all returned equipment.

Page 30 C-Nav User Guide xxviii Contact C-Nav Support for more information. The purpose of the separate antenna systems is to provide better low-elevation satellite detection to C-Nav Correction Service signals in high- latitude locations. The GPS antenna port provides 4. Refer to the users guide of the controller solution for further information. Refer to Chapter 4 for descriptions of C-Nav Traditionally, when an RTK rover loses communication with the base station, it is unable to continue to provide Page 42 C-Nav User Guide Pin assignments are given below in Figure 3; See Figure 4.

See Figure 6 for power cable pin assignments. Figure 5: AC Power Cord The wiring color code and pin assignments are labeled on the cable assembly and provided below. Contact C-Nav Support for available isolation solutions.

Figure 7: Isolation Mount Adaptors Figure 8: C-Nav Front View For further information, contact C-Nav Support. Event The C-NavM accepts an event input pulse to synchronize external incidents requiring precise GPS time tagging, such as aerial photography. A 3ft 0. Table 4 details the wiring configuration required for Event-Hi, and Event-Lo pulse sensing. Configuration is possible through the StarUtil program, available on the C-Nav website at www.

Each set of indicators has three LEDs. Page 56 C-Nav User Guide Page 59 Use satellite prediction software with a recent satellite almanac to assess the impact on satellite visibility at your location.

Once the antenna location has been determined based on the previously mentioned criteria, mount the antenna onto an antenna mounting pipe This should be done on deck prior to climbing the mast as mounting the antenna aloft poses potential risks to personnel and equipment due to possible dropped object hazards.

This is an active antenna, meaning it has a built-in LNA Therefore, this antenna should have good isolation from other near- frequency antennae. The system is supplied with 12ft 3. In-line amplifiers may also over- saturate the receiver front-end if improperl used. Contact C-Nav Support for more information on available in-line amplifiers. Coaxia l Cable Installation Page 66 C-Nav User Guide With the cable connected to the antenna, run t cable down the mast, securing with zip tie every 2 or 3 feet.

Carefully lay the cable along the chosen route to further detect any potential kinks, bends or spots where the cable may become damaged. Page Lightning Protection Install protective devices in compliance with local regulatory codes and practices. Protective devices must pass DC power from the receiver to the antenna. Conta C-Nav Support for more information on av ailable lightning protection solutions. Ensure the rece iver is mounted securely to a flat surface in an area with little vibration.

The COM ports are described in the next section. COM2 is the C-Nav logical control port by default. COM1 can be configured as the control port by using the appropriate C-Nav controller software.

Page Chapter 4 Configuration potentially in conjunction with other devices or utilities. Information on these tools is available from the C-Nav web site and by contact C-Nav support. Page Com2 C-Nav User Guide igure StarUtil Rover Navigation Setup This po rt is typically used to output data to othe devices or machines that can make immediate use of the pre cise positi oning data available from the C- Nav Page Factory Default Output Messages C-Nav User Guide This port is normally used to input and output proprietary messages used for navigation and receiver setup.

T able 10 describes the default messages needed to best initiate surveying with minimal effort. The user has full contr ol over the utilized messa types and their associated rates via the controller soft Page 79 C-Nav User Guide 44 Packed Almanac: Data corresponding to each satellite in the GPS constellation, including: GPS Week number of collected almanac, GPS Time of week [in seconds] of collected almanac, almanac reference week, almanac reference time, almanac source, almanac health, pages , and sub-frames 4 and 5.

Logged data files can help C-Nav Support to better If desired, unwanted data files can be purged to save disk space. Page 86 C-Nav User Guide Page Chapter 5 Safety Instructions GPS equipment, the limitations thereof, and these safety instructions prior to use of this equipment. Transport lways carry C-Nav equipment in either the original acking material or packaging which provides protection to the receiver and antenna against shock and vibration. Always use the equipment in accordance with local regulatory practices for safety and health at work.

C-Nav is constantly improving, and updating our technology. For the latest technical specifications for all products go to: www. Page 96 C-Nav User Guide Phase center information on this antenna is found on the antenna bottom, and in Figure B2. Page C-Nav User Guide Page Infrastructure To provide this unique service, C-Nav has built a global network of dual-frequency reference stations, which constantly receive signals from the GPS satellites as they orbit the earth.

Data from these reference stations Page Reliability Each L-band satellite covers more than a third of the earth. Subscriptions can be purchased for any predetermined period of time and are available via a C-Nav authorized representative, or by contacting C-Nav at: authcode cnavgps. Page Typically the initial license is preinstalled at the factory, an d the user will install subsequent licenses. Details of all the C-Nav receivers are available from a C-Nav authorized local representative or on the C-Nav website at: www.


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C-Nav 2050M User Manual


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