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Rotational Wear Friction Process: Rotational wear friction test reproduces the rotational motion found in many real-world tribology mechanisms. A flat, pin or ball tip is loaded onto a test sample with a precise weight and at a specific position from the center of rotation.

As the sample starts rotating, the tip creates a rotational wear track. Friction coefficient is accurately measured by the deflection of a load cell, precisely calibrated. Because of the integrated 16bit external position encoder, friction can be displayed for any specific position or zone for each cycle pass.

Additionally, the internal 20bit speed encoder ensures smooth or quick changes of speed of rotation from 0. The speeds down to 0. Wear rates for the sample can be calculated from 2D profile at chosen positions or from the actual full 3D profile of the entire wear track. A spiral test can be performed with constant linear speed changing rotational speed at any point for comparable friction data across the full length of the test.

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DIN 50324:1992-07



Taber abraser test


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