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When a forest fire breaks out in the area where the village's cattle are grazing a catastrophe not blamed on Dragon but on the "women's sorcery" employed to bring rain , the haunting cries of the animals echo throughout the valley. Although the village committee decides it would be better to slaughter the cattle than to let them continue to suffer, Dragon offers to hike up into the forest and steer the cattle to safety, asking only in return to be able to live in the village and dig clay again.

The mayor agrees to the offer, giving Dragon one week to return with the cattle or his cottage will be burnt to the ground. Wary that Dragon might turn the cattle over to smugglers along the Polish border - and also deciding that the animosity between Dragon who earns back his Christian name Martin and Simon cannot go unresolved - the committee decide that Simon must accompany be the one to accompany him despite other willing volunteers. Throughout the journey, Simon regards all of Dragon's acts with suspicion.

Although he is repeatedly proven wrong in his assumptions about Dragon, it is ultimately Simon's insecurity over his marriage to Eva that pushes him towards an act that assures that Dragon cannot return home again. Big thanks to Eric Cotenas for the Review! CLICK to order from:. The Horizontal is the time in minutes. Bitrate Audio Slovak Dolby Digital 2. Chapters Restored from a new high-definition master, Second Run's high-bitrate, dual-layer, anamorphic widescreen DVD represents the textures and contrasts of the monochrome cinematography nicely in standard definition given its reliance on long-lens photography in which the actors are sometimes the only element in sharp focus the cinematography has a similar rough-hewn look to Alain Robbie-Grillet's THE MAN WHO LIES with which it shares the same Slovak production company.

The Dolby Digital 2. The use of telephoto lenses and shallow focus which foregrounds the actors in the composition was initially not a stylistic choice but a way to better disguise the artificiality of the sound stage scenes.

A booklet is also included that features an essay by Jonathan Owen in which he covers some of the same topics but also includes discussion of the source novel as well as the film's juxtaposition of Christian and pagan motifs and the film's scoring. The booklet also includes a short interview with Grecner about his attraction to the source novel and development of it going back to his time as a student in the fifties.

Screen Captures. Region 0 - PAL. Gary Tooze. Thank You! Search DVDBeaver. Eric Cotenas. DVD Box Cover. Slovak Dolby Digital 2. English, none.


The Return of Dragon (Drak Sa Vracia) ((12))

Check out what's streaming this month. See the full list. Title: The Return of Dragon A carpenter in the Nazi-occupied Slovak State is appointed "Aryan controller" of a Jewish widow's store.


Log in Try for free. Rent Dragon's Return Sign up. General info Available formats Synopsis: Show more Show less A key film from Slovak cinema's golden era, Eduard Greener's 'Dragon's Return' is a radical fusion of ancient folklore and experimental modernism - and an exciting re-discovery. A reclusive potter nicknamed 'Dragon' is exiled from his isolated mountain village. Years later he returns, aiming to win back the trust of the villagers, but faces suspicion, guilt, and simmering violence. Set at an unspecified time in the distant past in a world ruled by superstition, this deceptively simple story is imbued with mythic qualities.





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