Quick Links. Table of Contents. Chapter 7 - statistical graphs and calculations 30 pages. Address: MT. This calculator does not contain any main batteries when you purchase it.

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I am a proud owner of a fxg Plus and want to know how to program it. I've read the manual but it isn't very useful and I'm looking for a website with a programming course. Has any body got one? Has anybody got some programs for it? Nevermind if they are in german, it's my mother tounge anyway. Yours etc. Like This Unlike Andy. Davies 01 Apr search this forum for "Casio Basic Tutorial" and make sure you search from the begining.

You just have to connect to 2. Is it that easy??? Some Questions: How can i stop the cursor from overwriting everything?? If there is an error or something to be altered in a programm, and i try to correct or insert something to it, the cursor overwrites the current order with a new one, so i have to rewrite the whole rest of the program. How can I stop the cursor from overwriting, and make it insertingthings into a program?

Which programs are fx G compatible? Is there a way of resetting the calculators options without erasing the programs? Davies 03 Apr and yes, calc to calc link cables are very easy to make. You know, that x? It works alright, but there are a few things that could be improved: first of all, it shows all the results as "-Disp-". Like This Unlike CrimsonCasio 03 Apr it has to use disp, only the classpad can really put the results in the text.

Solution 1? Solution 2? From the listing you've given I can see no reason why this wouldn't work. The gist of the previous comments i. Real time games are out of the question as the calc cannot read the keyboard whilst a program is running. I wrote a program to calculate the number of days between 2 entered dates on the fxGA. From your quadratic equation listing it doesn't look as though the programming model has evolved too much between the 2 calcs so it might give you some ideas.

You can download a word doc containing the program listing here. Like This Unlike CrimsonCasio 06 Apr there is one thing you can do that is a fair substitue for getkey, it still stops the program but its a great way to get input. And whats that about Plot? Are you sure thgat the fxG got it??? Do you know whether the Fx got a Locate-Function or not?

I've heard that you could by using locate integrate the results in a text. But what is the syntax for the input? And what is that? I wrote a program that works out the parabola by inputting coordinates of three points.

It works allright, but i had to declare 6 variables for the input and about 6 variables for calculating and solutions, and i wondert if I could safe merory space by using? List 1? List 2? For 1? List 1 [ 2]? It looked like this:? Perhaps you could post a example for a menue with submenus or explain it to me, but remeber that i havn? BTW: This menu loop at the top, under the menu items was designed by Betoe, and i use it in my progs to, as it is nice and quick.

Has anybody got a "stopwatch" programm? Davies 12 Apr try my website or casiocorner, but i belive they use Locate commands. Mine just works allright one time and then I have to reinstall it again. After those -Disp- you have do exe if you want the program to go on, what i want to disable.

Posts merged by andy. I've got anothwer problem. Here we go: 3 points that are not on a straight line define a parable. But if you got 2 points the apex-point A an another P you can calculate another point and work it out. It is easy to figure out this point in the head, but how to tell the calculator. An example: A P New point 2 4 -2 -4 4 -8 4 Like This Unlike Overlord 19 Apr what is "apex-point"?

Like This Unlike grasko 23 Apr Text 57,3,"QUIT"? Text 57,48,""? I dont have command for Text What can I do? Davies 23 Apr you could use the PlotOn command to make your own text I think you have And.

Could you explain it to me? Like This Unlike CrimsonCasio 26 Apr it turns on a single pixel on the screen, it uses the view window for positioning. Not really related to the topic but not worth a new one : I've been looking at several triangle solvers for the CFX and I'm a bit puzzled with some of the functions and why there are different functions. Why is it necessary to know whether another angle is obtuse or acute? What information and limitations especially can you use to obtain sides a, b, c, angles A, B, C and the area?

Is it always 3 of them? Davies 27 Apr look at my website, there is a triangle solver, made by me, and one made by ross. Like This Unlike genesis 27 Apr sorry, i realized my mistake the ambiguous case There are even more cases like the ambiguous case involving the order in which angles are solved Davies 28 Apr Like This Unlike genesis 29 Apr i would have changed it if the forum let me edit my posts. Davies 29 Apr im sure users can edit their own posts Share Share.


Casio FX-7400G PLUS instruction manual and user guide

Quick Links. Table of Contents. Getting Acquainted. The symbols in this manual indicate the. Chapter 7 - statistical graphs and calculations 30 pages. The symbols in this manual indicate the following messages.


Casio FX-7400G PLUS User Manual


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