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TEL: Frye, London : Manson , Applied Veterinary Histology, William J. Banks , 3rd ed.. Louis : Mosby Year Book , Dieter Dellmann , 4th ed.. Philadelphia : Lea and Febiger , Bacha , Philadelphia : Lea and Febiger.

Ergastoplazma, Golgi. Lizozomlar, mikrocisimler, mitokondriyonlar. VHE Genel Embriyoloji. Theory and Practice of Histological Techniques.

VHE Plasenta. VHE ─░mmunsistem histolojisi. Ganglionlar Otonom ve Serebrospinal. Periferik Sinirler. Sakkulus alveolaris. Nefron Korpuskulum renis, Tubulus proximalis. Nefron Henle kulpu, Tubulus distalis, Tubulus konektivus.

Kaliks renalis ve Pelvis Renalis. Tunika mediya Koroyidea, Korpus siliyare, ─░ris. Ttunika interna- Retina Pars optika retina, Pars seka retina. Zar Labirint. VHE Histokimya ve ─░mmunohistokimya teknikleri. Theory and Practice of Histotechnology D.

Sheehan, B. Hrapchak, Histolojik Boyama Teknikleri R. Demir, Theory and Practice of Histological Techniques, J.

Bancroft, A. Stevens, D. Turner, Luna, Course Title. VHE Basic cytology, epithelium and connective tissue. Teaching Staff. Faculty Contact Information:. Only postgraduate students are accepted for the course. Informations related to topics of lesson is teached by various visual educational tools.

Students are expected to attend all scheduled classroom and laboratory activities. Lysosomes, microbodies, mithochondria. The best time to seek my help is now. The worst time is at the end of the semester when it will be too late. Above all, participate actively in your education. VHE General Embryology. The objective of this course is to teach the student basic informations concerning the description of embryology, development of sexual cells , fertilization and divisions and developments from zygote in amphioxus, poultry and mammalians.

Description of embryology. Types of oocyte and patterns of division. Developments from zygote in amphioxus,. Developments from zygote in poultry. Developments from zygote in mammalian. Development of extraembryonic sacs and umbilical cord. Ectopic pregnanacy. VHE Special Embryology. The objective of this course is to teach the student basic informations concerning the embryonic sheets called as endoderm, ectoderm and mesoderm, and organs or systems arised from those in mammalians and poultry.

Development of nervous system. Cerebral organs, medulla spinalis, neural ganglia,. Development of skin and skin appendages, skin, hairs, sebaceous gland, sweat gland, milky glands. Development of sensory organs, development of eye, development of ear, development of nose. Development of digestive system, pharynx and organs arised from first pharyngeal pouches. Organs arised from second pharyngeal pouches. Organs arised from third or fourth pharyngeal pouches. Development of esophagus, stomach, liver and pancreas, cloaca and respiratory system,.

Development of circulatory system, blood cells, veins, arteries of heart, lymph vessels, lymph nodes, spleen. Development of urinary system, fore kidney, middle kidney, hind kidney, development of adrenal glands. Development of reproductive system. VHE Histological technics and light microscopy.

The objective of this course is to teach the student therotical and practical basic informations concerning the methods of preperation , types of light microscope and staining procedures.

Basic stages at light microscopy technic. Fixation, effecting factors of fixation. Choosing of fixative according to purpose, quantity of fixative, pH of fixative, time of fixation. Technics of fixation, technic of immersion, technic of perfusion.

Washing, dehidration polishing, embeding, bloking, cutting, staining, mounting. Light microscopes mechanic system. Light microscopes, optic system, mirror, condenser, objectives, ocular, maintance of microscope. Dark-field microscope. Phase-contrast microcopes. Polarisation microcopes. Invert microscopes. Fluoresances microscopes. VHE Placenta. VHE Immune system cells. VHE Histology of immune system.

The objective of this course is to teach the student the basic knowledge of embryology of reproductive system which include, development of male and female genital system. Fletcher, Alvin F. Weber, CVM , Agranulocytes lymphocytes, monocytes. Cerebellum and Caudex. Medulla Spinalis. Ganglia Autonomic and Sensory. Peripheral Nerves. VHE Circulatory, Digestive and. Endocrine System. The objective of this course is to teach the student the basic knowledge of circulatory, digestive and endocrine system which include, functional organs of systems, structure and functions of tissues and organs.

Submandibularis, Gl. Alveolar Sacs. Nephron Renal corpuscle, Proximal tubule. Collecting Tubules.

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Bazal membran

In this study, to examine hematological and histological alterations, striped catfish exposed to 0. After that, four fish were selected per aquarium. First 24 and second 24 h, blood samples were taken. And then, their gills, liver, kidney, and spleen samples were collected. The tissue samples stained with standart tecnique of haematoxylin and eosin for histological assessment. Copper depending on concentrations increase caused some important hematological and histological alterations on striped catfish.





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