Quick Links. Download this manual. Instant EtherFast. Use this guide to install :. Table of Contents. If the product proves defective during this warranty period, call Linksys Customer Support in order to obtain a Return Authorization number.

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Page Count: Instant EtherFast. Micr osoft, Windows, and the Windows. All other trademarks and. Workgr oup Switch is free fr om physical defects in material and workmanship under. If the pr oduct proves defective. Return Authorization number. Warranty is for r epair or replacement only.

Linksys does. When r eturning a product, mark. Linksys makes no warranty or repr esentation,. Linksys reserves. Please direct all inquiries to:. Linksys P. Box , Irvine, CA This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a 5 Port Class. These limits are designed to pr ovide reasonable pr otection against harmful. This equipment generates, uses and can radi-. If not installed and used according to the instructions, it. However , there is no guaran-. If this equipment does.

Unlike hubs that ration your netw ork. Connect your f ile server to the Switch's. And when you're ready , switch y our w a y to full duplex speeds of up to. Every Switch packs a complete suite of advanced data error detection and.

Auto par titioning,. Hardwar e Installation 2. Planning Y our Network La yout 2. Installing Y our Switch 4. T ips on Switching Y our Netw ork 6. History of F ast Ethernet 7. Switches versus Hubs 8. T ypes of Ethernet Cabling En vironmental Specif ications Planning Y our Network Layout.

Building a F ast Ether net netw ork in v olves more topolo gy rules in addition to. These rules specify distance limitations and. Data loss, collisions, and other netw ork problems. A set of stacked hubs, which must be stack ed with a stacking cable,. Hubs do not func-. Workst ation 1. Conf iguration A sho ws one possib le wa y to set up an EtherF ast Switch in a. F ast Ether net en vironment. All of the w orkstations belo w can access all resources on the network -. While allo wing.

Powering On the Switch. Plug in the Switch's AC po w er adapter. Each time your Switch po w ers up, it. After the test, the P o w er LED will light up. The remaining LEDs will also light up. If the Switch experiences e xcessiv e data collisions, verify that y our netw ork. The chart below tells y ou w hat the front panel LEDs of the 5 and 8 P ort.

Switches mean. Installing Y our Switch. Make sure that y ou ha ve recei v ed all of the items listed belo w.

If any. Connecting Computers to Y our Switch. Each por t automatically detects the speed and duple x of the. The ports operate in. Each port on your Switch can connect to w orkstations, f ile ser vers, hubs,. Connections to the s witch. See page 10 for more details on cabling.

T o connect a computer directl y to the switch, plug one end of the cab le into. Switches, hubs, and similar netw ork de vices are uplinked to y our Switch. Attach the Category 5 cabling to.

Using the uplink port will automatically disable the port directl y. About Fast Ethernet. History of Fast Ether net. Standard Ethernet has been the most popular netw orking technology during. But the. F ast Ethernet no w dominates as the most viab le and economical solution to.

Capable of sending and recei ving data at Mbps , its bandwidth more than. It uses identical data er ror control and. Because F ast Ether net is based on similar technology to standard Ethernet,. All it takes is. Tips on Switching Y our Network. In a 10BaseT netw ork, connect y our hubs, f ile servers and ke y users such as. The Switch can com-. W ith s witched segmentation, y our mbps users will not be slo w ed. Most of the netw ork peripherals in place toda y run at 10mbps, since 10BaseT.

These peripherals, designed to. A 10mbps interface is also required for cable and DSL connections, w hich. Y our Switch functions as a repeater , w hich regenerates data signals as the y. This feature acts as a safeguard to deter data loss and ensure. Switches positioned. A netw ork without a s witch is called a shar ed netw ork because e very node. In a shared. Consequently , considerable time and. A s witch, on the other hand , features a store-.

The scalability of your. Switch, its full duplex data transfer and dedicated bandwidth all contribute to. This scalability factor ensures that. F ast Ether net will not fall obsolete to upg rades in speed standards and main-. Otherwise, thro wing a wa y all y our older , slo w er equipment in an old-. Scalability allo ws y ou to budget for your netw orking needs o ver time. No w netw orks can custom-r un fast and slow se gments at the same time for.

Switches also feature full duplex data tr ansfer , meaning that all computers. Plus, s witches can. A hub simply w orks with one computer at a time and only sends or.


Linksys EZXS55W Switch User Manual

Connect up to 5 devices which cover computers, storage, modems and printer with performance that helps you get more done faster. Advanced error detection and correction technology helps maintain accuracy and integrity, even during heavy activity. No Configuration Required This desktop, compact switch is designed to conserve desktop space and is easy to use, no configuration required. To learn how to get downloads from our site, click here.


Getting to Know the EZXS55W

Page Count: Instant EtherFast. Micr osoft, Windows, and the Windows. All other trademarks and. Workgr oup Switch is free fr om physical defects in material and workmanship under. If the pr oduct proves defective.


Linksys EZXS55W v2, EZXS88W v2, EZXS16W user manual

Many people prefer to read the documents not on the screen, but in the printed version. The option to print the manual has also been provided, and you can use it by clicking the link above - Print the manual. If you want to quickly view the content of pages found on the following pages of the manual, you can use them. Instant EtherFast is a registered trade- mark of Linksys. Microsoft, Windows, and the Windows logo are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

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